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Markets coming up we're going to talk about the partial government shutdown. What are the worst case scenario is that some people are envisioning as this drags out? Plus a look at markets right now looking a little positive can potentially last right now, though, let's head over to Greg Jarrett for some details about those markets. What are you looking? At least you were getting word from the EIA. The crude oil inventories fell two point six eight million barrels again, that's according to the b s and p's up for day. Number two is quarterly reports from Goldman Sachs and Bank of America lift Bank, share's well, United continental holdings surged after the airline's, earnings blue pads. Expectations the pound advances against the dollar before a vote on the UK's government. Jane Foley, at rubbing tells Bloomberg investors and the companies in which they invest may hope for the best but have to plan for the worst. With regard to Brexit outcomes. A real business if you are thinking about workers or factories or exporting an incapacity, you still need to go with the facts and the facts as they stand right now is that the UK is uncalled for hard Brexit in in March. And that is something that if you wanna business you're going to have to plan for we check the markets every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg radio S and P five hundred is up three tenths percent of nine. The Dow's up one half of one percent of one hundred thirty the NASDAQ is up four tenths percent of twenty eight ten years down four thirty seconds with the yield of two point seven percent. West Texas intermediate crude is little changed our fifty two fourteen barrel while COMEX gold's up four tenths of a percent at twelve ninety four even announced the dollar yen one. Oh, eight seventy nine. Euro dollar fourteen or one of the British pound the dollar twenty eight seventy three sentiment. Among US homebuilders is up to the first time in three months a bit of declining borrowing costs assigned at housing may stabilize in the year ahead, even as the industry remains in a broad slowdown. That's a Bloomberg business flash. I'm Greg Jarrett. You're listening to Bloomberg markets with Lisa Abramowicz impulse. We need on Bloomberg radio. I think we're on day twenty six I'm not.

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