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Is awful depending on how epic. They've got six hundred locations in California, Missouri in Rhode Island, and they're experimenting with this drink. I think it's the smart thing. What do you think? Well, yeah. Of course, because people are talking about that they're talking about cutting down sugar and people want to hear that. So they've pledged to cut it down because this a lot in those drinks. I mean, look a sixteen ounce. I want you to think about this for a second a sixteen ounce traditional caramel. Frappuccino has sixty six grams of sugar four hundred twenty calories. Fifteen grams of fat the lower sugar version of it. What it tastes like I can't tell you forty nine grams plus three hundred seventy calories sixteen grams of fat. So there's a big difference there in knowing that they're they're listening to suggestions and trying to come up with ways that they can do it. So it's not it's not as bad for you. Any of these Frappuccino are cheap. Let's face it. So four seventy five to five forty five depending on. Cavanaugh.

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