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Four dollars ten cents to thirteen thirty six an ounce the euro hundred dollar 22 forty two the yen one ten point six two and bitcoin this morning is up sixtenths percent at ten thousand four hundred nineteen dollars that's a bloomberg business flash now here's michael barr with more on what's going on around the world michael jurado strolled earthquake is prompted a warning for the southern coast of alaska and the west coast of canada according to the us geological survey two quake registered at a magnitude seven point nine about one hundred seventy five miles southeast off the coast of kodiak alaska officials in kota yarka warned residents to evacuate if it live in a low lying areas people on social media say they felt the quake hundreds of miles away in anchorage president trump signed off with a measure to end the threeday government shutdown in sports in the nhl the devil's were shut out by the red wings the islanders lost in overtime to the guy on his in the nba wizards lost global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven under journalist the matt almost it more than 120 countries i'm michael barr this is bloomberg bob michael the world economic forum is underway in davos switzerland we'll be bringing you interviews from the that whole week beginning this morning haunts ago bloomberg surveillance host tom keene hosted a pal with barkley ceo just steely citigroup ceo michael corvette harvard economics professor kenneth rogoff and many others and a second listen now to some of that conversation with professor rogoff bergeron right now claim of your workman carmen reiner this times do you feel that now is the time is i mean i feel i feel we're still coming out of the last ice does it the systemic as the slightly experience as a long after alive and taking a two ten years to fully recover is not unusual and i i must say a lot of the talked about secular sect nathan astle network good again conflate genuine essex like demographic a kibiti with on the.

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