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Hey everybody I got a really special today. You know for change and this time. This time I really mean it because this is our special fourth of July podcast now normally I guess are either authorities. On certain topics, Jeffrey Toobin Dahlia LIPOIC mccord's Paul, Krugman and Austin Goolsbee on economics sector Lena Win Andy Slaving on the coronavirus or their comedian friends of mine like Sarah. Silverman, and Chris Rock and Conan O'Brien, but because our nation celebrates is independence from England, every fourth of July I asked the author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson. To join me virtually of course. And thought you might enjoy this special Al Franken podcast. President Jefferson Thank you for joining me my pleasure. You know lots of writers have used this device over the years. Really I I thought I was the first. You'll joking. That's funny. Okay. Where are you? Joining us from Sir for my crypt in Monticello okay well first of all congratulations. Your words have held up very well over two hundred and forty four years. For the most part. I've been kicking myself. To The yes. On the all men are created equal thing. How how so well all men should mean all men, and they pretty much gave the impression that I mentioned white men. Property So that wasn't your intention, but actually it was just said regretting kids number of years later. and. When was that July off eighteen, twenty four? The day you died, yes. You're saying that on the day you died. You realize that all men, not just white male property owners should be regarded as equal absolutely, and I have to tell you. It was one bazaar day first of all I was in the throes of delirium. And having these strange piff at one of them will set. All men are created equal could mean all men are created equal. Wow yes, wow indeed. And at that moment you, you drop dead out in no I wish. You wish yes, you see may choose will might test bed saying that buys. All your children were there. Ones! With my wife. Not the ones with with Sally. Hemmings Oh heavens. No! It may children with my Concubine Sally hemmings. Were themselves slaves, as of course was Saturday as was the custom of the time so. was. Your white children. Are Around your deathbed Oh. Yes, it I tell them i. it just occurred to me that I had made a mistake in a declaration that all men are created equal should have meant exactly that. The toll man, no matter their race whether or not they own property that all men are created equal and should be free. And what was their reaction Oh? Not Good, not good at all. Because you owned a lot of slaves their monticello precisely. So your kids, the ones from your wife. They understood you to mean that your slaves should be freed. Yes and you can imagine the Hullaballoo. They wanted. To keep the Slaves Oh. Yes, they went insane. But father who's going to do other work around the plantation of father you do know. Why would rich down chew because we have slaves? So they were that sarcastic Lamari was Martha was always very sweet father pray Ted who is going to do the cooking in the laundry and housekeeping. And I, said the slaves. Vitamin. Whoa I'm sorry. I'm confused and said were they believe me they thought. I wanted to free all the say's, which was not at all by intention when I said all men are created equal interest that all men. Not, women. Are you saying that all men should have equal rights, but not women well, yes. That shouldn't be said difficult to understand. All men are created equal. Just let that's all man should be afforded the same rights and privileges. All other men women however are completely different matter altogether. They're women. So. Your intention was Monticello. To keep its women slaves as as slaves. I see no reason why not. And, and what did your children think about that I? Don't know that's when he died. Okay! I just think my listeners. Might find all of this. Deeply disturbing. Look I was privileged white man born in seventeen, forty, three, okay. That's where I got to and in t twenty four, since then I've been dead. It's hot to volve when you're dead. And yes, I I was not a perfect man. I fathered six children with my slave. Sally hemmings I know today. That sounds very bad, okay? By the way would have freed the three boys. Okay. Guess no one's perfect and I mean you did right there. We are always striving to be a more perfect union. That's in the preamble of the Constitution. You CREIGHTON. That's right. Well Louisiana purchase that was you. You're welcome. Yes, thanks for that. That was a huge part of our our country. Weld Unser, yes. And thank you for joining US MR president. Thank you for having me. meow I very much enjoyed the podcast. Well, thank you Sir Thomas Chips? Author of the Declaration of Independence on this Independence Day..

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