Director, United States, LEE discussed on Battle Lines


We did it so can you you can quit for free help call one eight hundred quit now a message from the us department of health and human services and cdc this is martin golden the district director of the portland district office of the us small business administration if you need help starting or growing a business lee's visit us in person or at www dot spa dot g o v o r you're listening to an 1410 kbnp than managed a former and ready for way the magnitude of the courage and sloppy jews of the korean people defies description other by who's were raging in the streets of saigon we today have concluded an agreement to end the war and free reasonable honoree in be qatar has been on news will american air activity in the area of the persian gulf we are determined to out saddham hussein's nuclear bomb potential afghanistan is a war but we had to fight and we asked him how are high this is veterans chronicles for the next hour join our honored roster of heroic soldiers sailors and aviators recalling and retelling their personal stories from world war two ladies and gentlemen history over second world war to the present day in afghanistan and iraq fifty million people are now living in freedom now the american veteran centre and radio america presents veterans chronicles.

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