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It's very very powerful. You're going to watch. You're going to sit and watch. Cnn for twelve hours your brain is gonNA live. You know they'd be is the brain center for fear. And that's exactly what's GonNa get stimulated stimulates so would mindful. Psychology does is it takes the findings of neuroscience says. Well how do we apply that to psychology? Well let me ask you so. If a monkey's brain is stimulated by watching another monkey eat a peanut. What are the ramifications of something like that while how? `Bout that we WANNA pay attention. The things that are for us that are positive for us. Things that are expansive and not contracting things. That allow love and positivity as opposed to fear anger and hatred. Yes yes yes. Yes and that's why there's so much on TV. That is all fear and anchor. Bay saluted in in stupidity. Actually I watch ninety plus because I wanna not. I won't watch. I know that all these killings and everything going on these horrible things. But you know what I'm not GonNa put that in my psyche because we have to stay positive in order to keep spreading it absolutely and someone much wiser than me once said we must post sentinels at the Gateway of our mind. Yup It's absolutely true. Sentinel AS SOLDIER TECH. What comes to mind absolutely and we know. Now there's something that you probably aware of called Neuro plasticity. Those people these days have heard about it. When I went to graduate school I was taught that your brain is fixed meeting. It develops to a point and then it stops and you know it started. They said it was gone. When you were an adolescent then they changed and said now maybe early twenty s but your brain becomes fixed. And that's that nothing you can do. God bless Wonderful Deepak Chopra. Because I I've studied him for years I mean he's like my most one of my most favorite and listening to him you. Your mind is always expanding. Not only is your mind. Expanding your brain is constantly doing new cells constantly have an opportunity at any given moment to create new neural pathways. Yes right and don't you WanNa have positive pathways. Wouldn't you rather attend to things that will allow your life to be more fulfilling? My Gosh please. I wish we want to spread that to the rest of the world watching watching murder watching anger watching hatred. Now do no no it just. I have my my My Gate I have a gatekeeper. Whatever because I will not. I just walk away or anything like that because it's not it's I know. It's not healthy. So mindful psychologists denial or just going. You know what's going on so much not not knowing what's going on. Sister protect that precious because we have that press precious miraculous. Mind THAT WE MOSA visit. Don't use nor we trained to use it when not yet no not in schools now in in religious sitting kicks not in government and they're the biggest ones that need to change anyway. I won't go on. They're sitting in a classroom seven or eight years old and the teachers screaming Duchesne. Anybody teach you truly teach you how to pay attention. Hara focus all starts in wrong. Well it does start at home. And whether you call it meditation or contemplation you take an eight-year-old and sit them down for five minutes three minutes and teach them how to focus. Focus is a fantastic thing for comms the body by the way and may share a little. I was teaching with my daughter's kindergarten class and I was one of the other teachers and there was one little boy that I just. He melted my heart and he was a crack baby so one of the one of the practices that I would have him do is sit in the chair. We did this for five minutes. I tried to get him to do it for ten minutes. It didn't quite work ten minutes. Got Him and I had him read the alphabet but just focused but it I and and I mean the he was so happy. It's when he when he finished that five minutes and I would keep you know a kept getting more and more and I thought this is wonderful. I mean for us as human beings. That's why I meditate every day medicate. But it's interesting you know. Read the alphabet. I mean reading. The alphabet is no different than having a mantra mantras. Just an opportunity to focus. I mean you know Classic Meditation. Your focus on your breath first of all breathing is the best thing for us. And you know what you're gonNA love this. That's in every one of your chapters. It starts out at the very end. Nobody teaches us how to breathe. You think it's natural. You're a woman. Is it natural. Have a baby how natural nobody can..

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