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I could lose all my everything. I if the fear is rational than but your gut is telling you do it. I say do it. Yeah yeah and it's interesting. I don't know if. I know that we've never matters is the first time we're meeting so i mean i really do appreciate you taking the time and being here Today's you know obviously on a special episode here. We mentioned radio but You know one of the things that. I'm not even sure if you're familiar with or if you had a chance to do any research into who i am what i've done Is since around that same time. Two thousand eight two thousand nine albeit. I don't have a ted talk with twenty four million views. But that's other conversation but you know it's It's something that i've been teaching of around the whole concept of. What is your what so the book that i put on the new york times bestseller. Look it's called. what is your what. Discover the one amazing thing you were born to do. And i always get that question of what's the difference between your what's and you're y and maybe you can kind of give me some insight in terms of this resonates for you. But you're what to me is really that it's how you're naturally wire to excel. Dna is wired to a very specific way. And so the what is your. What equation combines your court gift which in your case is probably communication or teaching or something of that nature with the vehicle that you use to share that gift. And then lastly the people that you're most compelled to serve the gifts the vehicle and the people that comprise the what is your what equation and i believe that it is really really hard to create anything. That is sustainable. Or that doesn't have an expiration date unless you're super clear on what you're what is and so it's almost as if the what is internal in my way of thinking in the why is external and that's how i explain it which is the why what drives you. It's like you know if you want to help. Starving children in africa. Or if you want to basically feed the homeless. Or i'm going to start on the smoothing guess. I'm hungry this morning but the point is it's what drives you to do what you do. Whereas your what is everything. That's internal and kind of gives you that natural set of skills abilities. What's in your dna etcetera any. Take on the what versus wise. I explained it and that way semantic. Yeah so do you think the. Why is an internal thing as well. What do you think that the. Why is an internal thing as well in other words. I believe that the what. I believe that you're what choose you. It's not something that you choose right shows in you not that what you choose. Chosen antics a semantic debate. It's got tired of having the discussion with people what comes first vision or mission positioning or brand. You know it's it's it's a semantic debate and so i ask people who believe vision was primary and they said why do we do and i asked him. Mission was primary will. It's why we get out of bed. The brand impertinence. I both why we said okay. Well let's watch with me. Because i just got tired of semantic debates so this is another bait. I mean what i've learned. Is that the the. Why is safe on our upbringing. It's who we are. What drives us. It's what inspires us. It's not changeable you have one and it's fully formed by the time you're eighteen or nineteen hundred percent bass vile decision making what we do is measurable appealable and you can see it and touch it. And it's tangible if you reverse the definitions for a different model i want. That's fine but it sounds like what you describing is the same thing. Gotcha gotcha so on. He has a question and whatever question is does a couple of questions. Can i take a couple of days. Please yeah exactly. And that's and that's what. I was going to read off here unless you unless you can just see the feed and you want to just answer them directly unless so here's one How from s talk ginger. How you find someone with same vision or attitude. I said you know you want to attract people who believe what you believe in find people who believe in your cause While the way you find them is you start talking in a. We're social animals and if if you keep it to yourself how will anyone know what you stand for what you believe you know And so when i started talking about the why literally was every conversation when somebody says so what are you up to. I would tell them about the golden circle and at get together with old friends and old clients. Let's say what are you. I start drawing on napkins. I mean it was an obsession. It still is you know I couldn't. I couldn't talk about it because i was so amazed by it was a student but i wanted to keep learning and i wanted to keep talking about it so that i could take more and the more i talked about it. The more other people's that this is really interesting and people said i need you to meet somebody and the more i talked about it. The more introductions other people may and so my publisher the ted talk. Everything came from somebody else. Saying i want you to meet somebody. And so the only thing i committed myself to was being the clearest brightest lighthouse lighthouse. I i would practice articulating and communicating my message. My message in words so clearly that other people could repeat it without me being there. I made the decision trademark. Everything you know. What's that gonna do. All it means is. I'm the only person who can can use it and talk about it. I wanted to be open source. I wanted other people to take it and build on it. I believe delete desperately in spreading the message. And everything i said and everything i did. And every decision i made communicated what i believe. There's no mistaking when you read my books. Listen to my talks. visit our website. Anything that comes out of us. It's committed inspiration of people around us right. There's no mistaken and so if you want to attract able you've gotta be a lighthouse you to talk and talk and talk and it will be cumbersome at the start people will know what you're talking about fifty or one hundred times but if you believe in at you practice and practice and practice and practice when i first started talking about this stuff. People looked at me. Like i had three heads. That's how klein people believe what you believe in life and there'd be drawn to you just out of curiosity when you go back to the sort of the inception of star with. Wow which i know you were doing in talks and you were doing things long before the book came out. Did you have a book deal in place. I mean obviously you have a. I mean it was published but i would think that you know it was not so. Can you talk a little bit of the origination story. Then of the book. It's it's the same as the to the ted talk. Somebody said i remember. I think giving this talk for three years right in long form. I was out there talking talking spreading spreading in small forms. Ten people fifteen people thirty people you know making a thousand bucks sometimes nothing you. I was just out there communicating banging the drum and somebody said who knew somebody had a friend was putting on a tax event recommended me right. Same with the publisher. Somebody met me an editor. Who introduced me to her publisher. And i ended up having a meeting with adrian. Zakheim got business publishing the original publisher from good to great. And seth godin publisher and stan mcchrystal's and all that and we had a twenty nine minute meeting and three days later..

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