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Hey up chair. Attacks on tap with david. Axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy. My view is very simple. There should be no mandate zero concerning covert that means no mask mandates regardless of your vaccination status that means no no vaccine mandates that means no vaccine passports and i've introduced legislation a bill to ban vaccine passports this week. I'm introducing a bill to ban vaccine mandates and this will a introducing a bill to end mask mandates. Now there you go. Math yeah we. We mandate aircraft engine regulations but not the virus of the century. That was everybody's favorite senator ted cruz. A once called a sitcom vampire by a particularly in. uk always makes me laugh Taking credit is the full libertarian position but It is also i think cheap political grandstanding and when it comes to cheap political grandstanding. If you don't get enough for me and axelrod we need to bring in a specialist a true pro so tell us. Tell us dr axelrod. Who's joining us today. And a texan attacks. Let's not forget that. Paul begala all cattle. No hat aso paul. Begala with us and who better to interpret ted cruz and this moment then he could to see a brother. Thank you for having me. Ask great to see and murph to thank you guys for having me. I'm wearing by your viewers at home can see my longhorn t-shirt cuisine. Yes i don't own anything that does not have either my school's insignia or one of my many sons schools. Even if you sit in. Virginia as you wear it exactly yes. So what are you guys. Make of this. I mean we have a covert search going on right. Now we have a vaccine that can prevent you from getting seriously ill And we have a surge because as a lot of people won't take it and now we have kids going back to school who can't have the vaccine and we have ted cruz. And we have ron disentis just picked through all of this begala within the politics of emmy we can. Let's stipulate the condemnations of really dangerous stupidity but What what how do you think they are reading. The politics that leads them to idiotic positions like this. Well yeah i a senator cruz clearly is positioning self to run for president again. Clearly trying to get the most extreme elements of his face. You know keep in mind. He's the guy who got beat by donald trump. The last time around trump of falsely accused his father complicity. Kennedy's assassination cruelly insulted the appearance of his very attractive wife Wendy and yet. Ted owes total to your gives. Total fealty to this animal trump. He's the man with the the spine of jellyfish and this has real consequences. I it's his problem. If he won't even defend his wife and his father that speaks to his character as a family man. But i have family in texas. I have lots of family and friends in texas in austin where i'm from where we live for many years anyway. There's two point three million people in the metropolitan area. It has grown so fast. it's kind of outkicked. Its coverage in terms of health infrastructure. And so with this kovin surge. There were six. Icu beds available in the austin metropolitan region. This morning for two point three million people. God forbid my son is in a car accident. God forbid papa has a stroke. God forbid the school bus going back to school has an accident. We need. Twenty kids in the icu. This has real world consequences and for crews to be playing politics. You can't just get on a plane and go to cancun to avoid the corona virus. This is. We're all in this together. And i think that's the only sensible message by the way that's not a liberal message is not a conservative message is a profoundly american message to say to people. Hey we're all in this together. Love your neighbor. Take the shot put on a mask. We'll get through this together. Texas and i think that actually would be a better political argument for him but he is awfully talented politicians. So maybe he's reading the most Principled part of his base correctly but He's gonna he's gonna hurt a lot of people. Yeah i well first of all. I have to inform you. The national jellyfish association tweeted incensed at the cheap. They compare them to cruise. You're gonna have a thousand jellyfish outside your driveway in a in a matter of minutes after this podcast as i grew up swimming in the gulf of mexico. You guys. you didn't have this lake michigan. Acts what you do if you get stung by a jellyfish of which we have a million off the coast to galveston ways to swim. What's that upenn. You pee on your own leg or wherever else. The wellesley on behalf of our listeners. I wanna thank you for a mental image. That many women two or three days trying to get rid of but back to cruise for day. We've all been in politics. We peed on lake before. Oh believe me. I'm doing right now So the Cruise into santa's governor florida. Who's who's also running for president. They all presidential fever is making the same calculation. And of course you've seen this on any issue i'll put aside the my moral outrage to about covert and and how this is a responsible but you know they're all two years out there all three years hanging around their staff. They're like hey. Did you hear the tim scott was in. You know national new hampshire. We gotta go twice. You know they all compete on ridiculousness early. 'cause there's nothing else to do other than obsessed with the opposition and compete so i think cruises decided he's in some kind of auction with the scientists and maybe others set by the trump predicate. I agree with that. That masks are bad but like most political strategies dumb to think short term descent is for the rest of his political life. Starting six months from now is lucky to have anything he tries to do. Start with the question. You had the worst kovic response of any governor in america served so you know blah blah. They're digging a hole on the assumption that the republican primary is gonna hit on whether or not you're against mandates and for masking and i'm telling you long term. That's a mistake right. Now there's some hotheads who will excite. Oh we're doing. Liberty were standing up for america and our personal freedoms by not taking a miracle drug. You know it's it's it's it's a great moronic howl but in the longer term he's taken himself in with cruise ought to remember is unlike many of the texas paul's Take pretty conservative positions. He's actually in political trouble in the state. Because when cova hit his response to senator was to log onto travelocity general truce. He wouldn't lasted at. The alamo crews would have been a road runner cloud you know running for the hills immediately. So he's got regular voter trouble in a state that is becoming less ruby red. So i think this thing is doubled dumb in the short term. Yeah one news will give an applause line but longer term even the republican primaries and i think the scientists in some ways is worse. 'cause he's governor really going to own florida. Which is the epicenter of the new new outbreak. it's dumb. They're fighting the last war in there. They're gonna be stained indelibly with this..

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