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Trending at ten to practice for the Indianapolis five hundred starts this week after that dramatic finish. On the road course in the green car grand prix driver Graham, Ray hall has some high expectations this time. This one's the one. I gotta say feel like this is my best opportunity yet I've had some good chances before. But I think that you know, the team that we have around us and stuff this year should be our best chance. Qualifying for the five hundred starts Saturday in the pole position will be decided on Sunday race day is a week later on may twenty sixth. You hear a lot about the dysfunction among your lawmakers in Washington. Congressman Greg Pence of the six district says that's something he tries to steer clear out drama is what you what you hear about the most. We have our head down there. He's introducing his first Bill. This week which would call for a study to be done. How trucking regulations could be changed to better regulate? The hours truckers can use to haul perishable items such as livestock in inmate at the Elkhart county jail has died in police aren't sure why actually found the reports Bannister was found unresponsive in his cell on Saturday. He died before he could be taken to a hospital. Bannister was sick and was being treated at the jail before he died he'd been arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest. The Elkhart county. Sheriff's office is investigating Ashley Fowler ninety three WIBC mobile new vs for hunting and fishing licenses. Don't seem to be cutting it as far as funding goes for the DNR's division. Officiant wildlife. That's why Indiana sportsman roundtables president apparent roundtable. President Jean Hopkins says he has an idea to fix it. Russian. We cried. To introduce a Bill called the outdoor stewardship act, which would be a focus toward getting some different funding for the division of fish and wildlife. He says that funding would come from moving around tax money without raising taxes and steer towards fish and wildlife conservation. I'm Kirk darling on the level on the go.

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