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I'm not so sure scale I'm not so sure about that deer in headlights Carson. On Monday night. Yeah. What about your tonight's? What Carson Wentz won't have to be good this time. They'll just roll everything will be rioting running game. They're relied solely on Carson. Really? Yeah. Walk into who they run a game Luxair blessing Detroit. John. He is injured. Yep. There's been out since week one supposed to supposed to come back and get what happens give Burs their practice tweets half half drinking out again. So now what small word? Yeah. I liked Smallwood. He runs hard runs big for Smallwood Smallwood. And that's what they got been working out for a walk to him. We'll do what he does gold and take out, Sean, Erz zodda. Our Dallas Dallas what you should've got it. We should add him. He's going to be thirty to twenty four eagle thirty to twenty four. You just gave Dak Prescott twenty four boys. Thirty hall of fame stuff. Twenty four I got twenty four point margin. So I'll take Dallas and Twenty-three. I'm do that case. Case case do come on. You got the eagles. You got golden tastes your golden. This is also a division game. This is also a rivalry game. It used to be deals. They still in the same. Band, turn twenty three. Wit. So you got Dougie peed the most fearless coaching football. What log if you call a younger list, y'all got Jason gay. Thank you. You're making my case. He's gonna talk about lame dot he. Do what I love. I love what it showed that Pressburg. That's right here. Yeah. I got I hear that every break. All right. Guys dead. The warriors get exposed last night. We'll discuss that next Jason Terry. And in our audience today, we have the members of our armed forces celebrating Veterans Day all day here, and he thinks for their servants. We'll be right back. The warriors lost their second game of the year last night getting blown out at home by the bucks, the Greek freak had twenty four points, including a highlight. Don't that shock Draymond green who missed the game? Steph curry only had ten points. And did it make three pointer for the first time this season, but he had to leave in the third quarter with a leg injury. Steve Kerr said after the game that curry will have an MIT today. And Steph added, quote, I'm not nervous, and we are joined by NBA chant and former buck Jason Terry. Now, Jason how much stock do you put into this bucks win? Let me see. Here we go to the deck jet Jones here. Okay, Nike is down. Starbucks down AT and T apple are down who. What does the books are? And I'm gonna do what the books are up. Tell you..

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