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Infallible. And i don't project myself that i know it all and the prime objective of this book is that the mistakes that i had made People learn from them and then try to not make those mistakes. And so the whole idea. As i'm sure you will talk about it and people are talking about leading with wonder ability so when you when you When you show your wonderful sight to people you become relatable so people say I know i like this. Because i can see myself making the same mistake or i have made those mistakes. So the whole idea of The idea of this book and communication is be authentic. I not infallible. I don't claim that. I will never made those mistakes again. I continuously make those mistakes but the whole idea is let's join and learn together and grow together exactly. And that's what i really appreciate your. That's for me as well. As being a quote experts people may not be able to in. My hands are rotations. I don't because i think a lot of us all the time and it's been put you on a pedestal view will make that mistake and it's like oh look at you and it's like now i'm no different than you. I just happened to talk about this every absolute in your book. You talk about Say a few things that we'll get each one of those you talk about the myers traits inventory. And then you talk about that you talk about the ego strength you talk about interpersonal effectiveness. I want to go through each of those so we have. We have probably about twenty fifty minutes to be able to talk about this thing. So i want to really focus on those. Because there's so much that your book talks about an. I don't want to minimize it because there's like so much meat in there that anyone reads. This is going to be blown away because you've done so much work of course as as auditor you've had your your homework and then some let's talk about the ego shanks..

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