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Source is three twenty three certainly no party on the expressway right now traffic and weather together super retailers of mainland all wheel drive traffic on the three is my teacher in a mattress yeah it's already gone somebody dropped a mattress on the northbound expressway by Freeport street in the right lane I could see if it's gone now but the damage done it's crawling Braintree up towards Freeport street it's good farther north actually it's not it's slow up towards the tunnel caught myself there the southbound express wagers inching along from the tunnel down to Columbia road Squantum street down of the split to one twenty eight south delays route sixteen most of the way down to Dedham and in ninety three tied up both ways getting three twenty four three south wind the breaks down towards union St no surprise there up north ninety three northbound crawling off as it can bridge up to Roosevelt circle then up towards one twenty eight and again from commerce way up to and over some minor crash but Gascon road off to the right the pike westbound crawling out past Newton corner again out after one twenty eight and for the road in Natick be careful is a large pothole in the right lane before route thirty already caused a couple of flats downtown they lowered expect their Sullivan square the Ted Williams tunnel westbound jammed up so was the Sumner tunnel to miking WBZ's traffic on the three nine thanks Mike now it's time for the four day WBZ accu weather forecast photos by Toyotas official website for deals buy a Toyota dot com and with us now meteorologist Brian Thompson hi there Brian Hey Nicole it's kind of been over a rainy day often on here we still have some rain coming through right now most of the rain is on the lighter side at the moment and we're gonna considers the off on rain through the evening commute the big story continues to be how.

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