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Glory awash to another great. Modern has history lou williams the thing. I also low about solar so speaking of the williams great pianists. Is that both pianists on that record. Are women awhile. Patrice rushing jerry allen board so science some were you'll hit me on my offender roads or electronic. He's but as women that's another thing about sobe soul that i think sets that record apart. Yes no back supper together with others. Stellar artists like being mild in my god introducing a young drummer. I think it was maybe his second record in his career. And you know Randy brecker other veteran just so many great artists on that on that record. That's takes it. Takes the life that it takes and you hear it. You can't just listen one time. Every time you listen is from one cut to the next. It has to be that way. Because it's just that great. And i listened to your comment and i hear you speak of how you invested. You invested deeply into your craft in. It's obvious that you still do and here you are today. Hang homage to the modern ancestors. You speak of the lake. Ella fitzgerald and billie holiday as i read your press release you you know you speak of ray charles and sarah bon john coltrane and you when we listen to your work and your contribution to this healing property that all of this great music brings your name is right there with them so i say kudos for you understanding and paying how much to those great folks because as time goes on we continue to give aage to you carmen lundy and i mean that was all of my heart. I need that you are a marvel. You really are what you know that you think of i. So the modern disasters we talk about finding our roots. And you know we are going all the way back and stuff you know. They'll wait a second. what about the ones. That was just left us in the summer for the nation that define actually define the how the world and america's sell music and but at the same time these being guided by that information and by that example and being given permission through that to be yourself. It's ultimately fine your statement. Not just your voice but the rain or we can use voice in abroad or turn not just the literal but to actually speak and.

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