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Structural Bruening? Yeah. So a structural pruning. Wintertime is is another good time because you can actually see it. Right. Yeah. Because oh leaves you're right. So you get all the leaves out of there. And then you can get a good look at the structure that plant and the kind of things that homeowner should look for our first crossing and rubbing branches. So sometimes it gets so thick up in there that the branches started rubbing each other. And that's never good. And he can't see that until it's. Naked. Yes. Until the naked in the winter. So you get that stuff cleared out, and you have to pick and choose a little bit. It takes a little practice to know. Well, which which one would be the better one to take out it's not rubbing each other anymore. You know, I look at which we what direction are is the branch growing, and it's growing to the outside. Instead of the inside of the tree so stuff that's growing back into the tree is that you'd really want to take out and stuff that's going to the outside. You you would leave. Okay. So that helps and one of the rule of thumbs structural, pruning is to prevent all the branches and stems from getting larger that about half the diameter of the trunk. Okay. And ideally, you don't let your tree grow for twenty years, and then decide to do some structural proving because by then those crossing and rubbing branches can grow into each other. Right. You ever seen that where they fuse almost eight years? I have. Yeah. It's weird. It is weird. And they and they don't like that. No. But again, they're counting on you to take care of them. I like the way you think I never thought of the plant is counting on me. Yeah. They can use some help along the way. Yeah. They do. They count on us. So getting in there on a regular basis and sending that stuff out is good. And then Secondly, there's a lot of trees that put up what we call water sprouts. So you'll see you on the inside of the tree kind of growing straight up. Yeah. Gravity's just taking bugger right up to this guy. Those that's wasted growth music. Yeah. It's not doing anything. It's ugly. So it just snarls up inside of a campy. Yeah. And when I see a tree in the winter with the leaves are off deciduous tree, obviously. You should see spaces and gaps through you should see through the tree. It shouldn't look like this big tangled massive branches. Right. It's so much prettier. You're talking about my trees, actually, I should say. It's so much more pretty yes. It's not prettier. Yeah. More pretty that'd be proper grammar. But one works actually, either one. Yeah. When you see a tree that's opened up and the branches are spread out nicely. And then it snows and the snow lays on those branches. Be really really nice to look at. Yeah. So we do want to take good care of those trees as they're gaining in age and size and do the pruning as we go through most of us take care of us as we get older. Yeah. Exactly. Every and three three to five years. Just like maybe everybody doesn't go into her physical every year. They stretch it out as long as they can. Well, if people can take care of their shrubs, and do some major pruning corrective pruning on them every three to five years. That'd be incredible. It would be yes. What about let's talk a little bit about. What's the word? I'm groping for interest visual interested during the winter that that you are the things that you recommend are the things that are are more interesting than others perhaps and people can you can look at winter interest in the landscape in a in a lot of ways. So it can come about through color like the red dogwoods. We were talking yellow Dogwood, and and other plants can come through as texture like a river. Birch and it has that peeling sin Amini colored bark virtue so pretty anytime of year. But particularly in winter, and a lot of people think of the white Birch to me during the wintertime the river Birch stands out even more because you have that color variation in the park too. Birkin in river, cinnamon, cinnamon, kind of color, pretty and it peels off and that looks really neat. You can get interested in the winter through seeds. Black Alder is a plant. That's not used a whole lot in the regular landscape girls kind of fast at likes wet areas. If you have a ditch or Swail, something that would be great, but the little cones seed cones that it gets on. It are very attractive. So that's kind of neat. You can even go into Perennials. And when you think of perennial flowers, you think of something like a like a cone flower or daisy, right? Sure. But some Perennials like Hella Boris and Virginia, they have leaves that are evergreen. So it's a leaf, but his green all winter long, and it's a perennial flower. So people don't think of Perennials is having possibility of winter interest. But there are some that do what are the names of those again Virginia is one, and it has kind of a oval scalloped shaped leaf and it does bloom, but to me, it's the foliage that's really more attractive. It's screen and has little tenser read in it. That's kind of cool. And then the other one is called Hello Boras. And those have kind of a fan shaped like a palm eight five leafed leaf, and again, evergreen gets a really neat little spring blossom, but the blossom doesn't last very long, and it doesn't last very long on the Britannia either. So really this plant. These plants are noted for the foliage. It's just unique. In the wintertime to see a little splash green. Holly. I would think would be that way holidays another high growing in this it does. And in fact, I brought my head with me. Just so you could go. Ooh. Sarah that looks amazing. Plant, and it's called winter berry, and that is actually a native Holly. There you go. I just passed an zero. That's neat. It really isn't in the photograph one of the photos on that plant page shows that in the snow so with the winter berry push kinda interesting is there's girls and boys. So you need a girl and a boy in order to get the fruit display and the fruit display on the girl and it gets loaded with beautiful red berries. These were great and Christmas decorating, some people bring them in the house. You can put them in vases looks fabulous picture one. That's something that I would do. I I really.

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