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You're gonna hear a little bit different ads today, depending on what show or which way. Tune in, but I want all of you to go and subscribe on itunes to both the down and dirty radio show and project action, and please leave a rating or review when you do that. If you leave your Twitter, Instagram at username and the review, I will follow you back, but I need you to do to both man helps me out. I like to know who my listeners are like to fall you on social media. I love your feedback. You can hit me up at Jimmy fifteen on all forms of social media. Giving me the feedback also at down and dirty show dot com. We drop a ton of a ton of content written verbal, whatever. We drop it all there. So welcome to the first ever mash up. It's also kind of a short week for me. You know, we're not doing the traditional down and dirty radio show national show. We are doing this as a numbered episode though, but yeah, so I'm going to Vegas Torino the longest off road race in the United States, five hundred and fifty miles man. That is a longtime race car under the first three hundred. My brother, he's tag teaming up with me. He's going to do the second two hundred fifty. So I'm in there for the. Three hundred miles. It's going to be a ton of fun. I love this race in adventure stretches an entire state. You know, there's not many races in this country where you get to literally just drive across the middle of an entire state. Like from one end to the other, it's pretty maddening, really. You know Nevada's one of those wild states like everybody thinks they see Las Vegas Nevada is that is not about as such a small part. Nevada's a ghost land. There's a reason why area fifty. One is innovative because nothing is actually they're seriously. There are brothels and there are a bunch of small towns with some interesting people, and there's area fifty one and that's about it in Nevada, seriously, not a whole lot. There's some minds and some other stuff, but it's an interesting state, man. If you get past the glitz glamour Vegas and you get into the wild Nevada, this an interesting place, and I love this race. You get to see all of it. You start looking at conspiracy theories and. The rumor surrounding Nevada. What is your like Walker lake in northern Nevada, you go by there a military base around. There's rumors that there's submarines that come in from the Pacific Ocean, and there's a tunnel from Nevada, the Pacific Ocean that brings submarines in and out. And there submarines in that lake like seriously, like there's there's craziness, but that's what's round Nevada area. Fifty one, you know, rumors that aliens and you photos there and you don't know. I don't know. There could be, who knows? But that's what I love about Vada and you know, and you know, for me to get to race in Vegas dream, that's one of those like everybody goes, oh, you're going to win..

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