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Torch. We got some of the greats on the show tonight. Great david ruffin and not to wear days choices. Now norman connors. And didn't i blow your mind. Walk-a-thon tastic choice. Dave so you to chart then. Aw this a mm-hmm I don't know no just what i to do and So took off. Hey don't Costs a mistake. Cable leroy hudson choices. Now this one. Sandra lopez at i'm so lonely on spain doll older Come our Our your and you didn't free. Dow took part the patch. Yeah welcome up the show. Everybody reagan's in the arabian nights. Joe ray gamble of rate gant and the arabian nights joe and their version. Don't leave me baby bump later darrow banks. I think Another whole time. And i'm feeling move just another just another. This is a look at me on a Only well. I won't sleep and i know i know.

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