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Is this a dirt smelly no any rogers well you and you've been handed derg's bentley or so that's why i have not banned immigrants here once you start their room is this he's done i'll tell you be hint uh i believe he did a starspangled banner last year's majori baseball game he did not starspangled banner went the during world series or something like that even world series of the allstar game irony allstar game dimarco forionals for shooot or no man to marker you noticed brother right does this v i wish i could help you man i i don't know you had me luke bryan oh it's luke bryan luke luke bryan watt in here i would know yes yes you will tell you i will tell where you would tell you there ryan rally you know i lost countryman he loves countries luke bryan store which are the here not a good miller really now narrowly hamilton lewis's demarco's time you'll be should ask them to should as the margin market monitoring england's he went to him underbrush here the dark okay if if demarco's okay with his theory here so i'm at the airport is like 7 o'clock in the morning and you know everybody's foty sleepy whatever got my coffee luke over i notice is luke bryan and this is before he breaks it be who had his first single out and um i go on not gonna bother him you know he pray played gig last night i'm not gonna get on the plane luke bryan gets a mclane i'm like oh shoot loop ransom are playing shirts say some i say something on an amendments anything they my phone rings.

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