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Proposal to the end of the book rivlin degrees at five all four tuesday morning is here is january 16th and you're with news talk seven sixty wjr and the morning news center i'm dick hafner thank you for joining us if you like yesterday you'll like today pretty much a carbon copy accept a little bit less leszno we do have snow showers around and they'll be off and on today not a big accumulation but there were enough of inches of snow in some areas yesterday to get the shovels out and last night we had another dusting of this very fluffy white stuff we are at fifteen degrees were heading for the low twenties goja news time coming up on 505 wrong way drivers on the south be old freeway reportedly police arrested two people who were going the wrong way on the southfield at joy overnight when they a crashed reportedly it was a domestic dispute two right lanes were closed there and they of just reopened that free way the southfield freeway where wrong way drivers caused a big headache over the last couple of hours wjr news time 505 traffic and weather first on the fives dana clark good morning dana good morning dick as you mentioned the southfield freeway southbound ads showing roh that earlier incident is now clear seeing delays in highland park along the davison eastbound between woodward an opening street speed they're twenty four miles per hour hindes dr stillflooded closed each direction eastbound westbound between west outer drive in ann arbor trail i'm dana clark wjr traffic first on the fives wjr.

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