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Documentary so i like it pair like you pay mark lorry sour not to line dolan said it was awesome okay john stamos' wants their babies john stamos' wants to have baby he should have babies he so beautiful he should pass that dna denouncing lizzy telling people he's newly engaged he says i want babies it would be a tragedy if i didn't have children and he told entertainment tonight a he's a newly engaged man she's much younger i don't even know what she is like she's thirty one that's always but my plan and i finally found the right woman the perfect woman his gushing bodies by bride to be kaitlan mccue and i'm i'm done with disney for a while he's going to get married there they alexander because he popped the question there maybe we'll have some clouds will do disney's but she's obsessed with it so i don't know so so his adult doing a george clooney on what's in johnston means it might this he was married to rebecca were most roaming reid right who's married to jiri o'connell run and they have twins together they never had kids mary to johnston all that lasted maybe five years um i don't i at the and he's he kind of has gone through women and a regular basis gift i think colored choice that he passes that dna down seven years the remaining seven years okay must quite some time i i like that okay i'm excited about that slavery really having how he's 54 54 turning anew that's what i'm saying polk was john stamos' somewhat of firmed bachelor type of guy yes and so now he's kind of doing enjoy jordi never seen that i didn't wanna get married again i dinner he never said it i think you know there was some stories about him in michigan was from the underage peall um i think he's had he's had some things happened to him he's not a little time i think it was consensual but i think there were some things going on with john stamos' in then also the others sued that show i'm just got engaged as well bahzad say get the trade he got engaged so they both there.

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