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Logged Al Franken podcast we got a great one today for a change a Harry Reid former majority leader also fomer minority leader in the Senate I loved Harry went to his home a Harry is the strongest guy he grew up in searchlight Nevada it was a mining town until they ran an out of gold and they ran out of gold around the turn of the Century of the twentieth century and then a guide very rough his house had had running water no hot running water now what happened in searchlight is that when the mining went away the economy searchlight ran on prostitution they had at the height eleven brothels and Harry learned to swim mm-hmm in the swimming pool of broadly talks about that in this and so I I just think it's an interesting story if you hear repeated by Harry you you appreciate that it was a boxer he was a capital cop and Harry had he appreciated my mind human maybe more than any of my colleagues a certain kind of thing like once I remember Bernie Sanders people forget that the senator he also does a job in the Senate so he was like I think at this time the ranking member of Senate Appropriations subcommittee and he came to in the caucus lunch with what the Republicans were proposing and he comes he says okay they they want to Cut Food stamps but they also want to cut taxes for the rich what kind of religion lab what kind of religion for that and I just said southern Baptists and Harry the only one in the caucus who laughed he just laughed and that's one of the reasons I love Harry and so you're going to join us now he's he's got cancer he's got a pancreatic cancer he's had it for quite a while he had chemotherapy the day before This this interview you and I said well you know I don't want to do that and they said no no.

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