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I don't know any serious climate people who even thought getting biden and the senate would mean like taking your foot off the gas. You like it is like you said ron. Yeah like we've we've slipped back so far in. It's not just that like things have been rolled back at at the same time that things have been rolled back. Trump has massively incentivized expanding. The fossil fuels stranglehold on the energy system and the economy. And everything else. So it's like we've been the problem worse. While removing all you know regulations that would mitigate emissions and so it's it's extremely bad and i mean even although i will say like i still was seeing people on social media last night being like maybe we can rejoin in paris and it was like. Oh my god they swear to god you guys like if you're if you think joining the paris climate accord is gonna do faulk all on climate like it's very problematic. That is sort of. I think that's the swath of people that i'm talking and don't get me wrong. I think it is important that we rejoin from a strictly symbolic perspective. Diplomats exactly may join and strengthen it totally but even that there that is not a binding resolution exile and that is the thing that always drove me. So crazy about it is like it's it's important. I'm not taking anything away from it. One needs to be strengthened and to again like we need binding resolutions. Glow exactly like we. We need to rejoin kyoto guy in the bring back iota important and i think those are the people that i'm talking about is the ones that think like that is. That's like the biggest when we could get you know. I know there are people that eat sleep. Breathe this y'all understand it. The other amazing women that we know and understand it but there is like a huge loss and listen. I'm so glad they're here. But i feel like they're a little bit newer to the party and don't quite understand what his happening. You know what i just. Yeah i feel like you're always gonna have that contingent and but we have serious momentum on the side of people who are like. No you have to stay engaged and you know those people were either catch up or they'll fall by the wayside but i don't think enough people are going to drop off like that whole We're going to go back to brunch with a. Yeah so all about this whole senate thing if you will just indulge me for a second here so right now it looks like we will lose the senate by wonder too. I would like to talk about one of those. And that would be mitchell. Mcconnell hands the man the man is seventy eight years old and his hands. Look a bit rotten. Shall we say and see inside starting to match the The outside mesh they inside mary. He's saying the quiet part loud if you will saying it with his hands and also there's like bruises on his face and you know i'm not a conspiracy theorist but i do have theories and i just like to read very quick exchange that he had with the reporter so the reporter says everyone's been asking about your hands. Is there something going on mitch. Mcconnell says i've been worried about your health breath. How are you feeling the reporter. Says i'm feeling okay mitch. Mcconnell says good for you. The reporter says. But i'm serious. Is there anything going on that. We should know about. And mitch mcconnell says of course not ladies and gentlemen that sounds like a man who is on the lam. That's sounds like a man who has had his hand broken by the russian mafia. I don't have any proof of that. I don't have any fruits of not that his wife would win. Remember like kentucky is no joke. You remember when rand paul's neighbor beat us. Yes that long ago. Y'all it seems like a million ago wasn't even that long ago i ever ever condone violence. Breath fight holy.

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