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Where with Andrew can't who has put together a book that's unbelievable big coffee table oversize book called David Bowie behind the curtain in behind the Iron Curtain and yet and it's available now right yes Amazon right and I have posted a picture of the cover on my Facebook page as well as a link to rock paper photo which is at and your site which has really great photos of a lot of famous people that you know he will love we're down there's a lot of David Bowie there twenty five or thirty images yes and you can actually if you know if you can buy them some of these images as of yet now I'm I like that would happen initially when you met with valley and he used to go through these sessions late at night to approve photo did you get a sense three out of a theme something he was trying to portray and after awhile you got it and if they there was such thing what was he trying to portray who well he had a stage act it was a sort of a year crossed early European black and white tuxedo you know trim and swim I guess my black dressed in black pants yeah yeah I am okay go ahead I I I shot probably forty thirty five or forty shows and almost everyone was different I have shots that only came once and they were there some of my favorite shots but it only appeared for a you know one minute out of several months and that's what I found you know you haven't had to be on all the time so this does look like here on the stage that was not the case yeah I was I was I go anywhere do anything I want to go right right up to within two three feet of room on the stage and take the picture that was necessary yeah but you you really have to think of the audience you don't want to you know right yeah but I I I shot a long time for a lot of groups I did kiss in Black Sabbath tours and Iggy Pop and a lot of us so you get you get used to working on stage you know there's some got to be careful yeah that's all she was a lot of folks what was different about Boeing is did you work harder than the others with him I don't know more introspective you eat only you would now it was certainly more personable than than most rock and rollers that I that I worked with but I got to know him a lot better but even from the beginning yeah he was real interesting man he brought you into his what his thinking was at the moment when we were in Seattle at the Edgewater that famous place where the rolling stones fit in July Zeppelin fish out of the windows and put these giant salmon under the bed staff at that house there's a picture of Caminiti has water in the beginning yeah that's yeah yeah so it's so good that night the the the the kids it that knew that he was there were all over the hotel running they they have no control and he hung out in my room with Cameron me and a couple other people and we did a video projection stable he would think of something I know he would have me sick and other people think of things and then he would as scratch it out on a pad of paper and he was very close many times it was amazing how old are you at this time twenty or so eighteen nineteen the word you're really freaked out I'm with that I'm I'm living working with David Bowie on the road you must've been freaked out initially and how long did it take you to unfree well he's he's the best person I ever worked for I did the best work got it had the most time working with an altogether a hundred percent best of of I've ever had the the one night when I met him with a camera the first night when we talk to all the rest of the night in his house that was amazing you know I've worked with all these people and I'm sitting here just the three of us with David Bowie and I found that tremendously exciting and but you know some of these photos at a work in some of these photos he has a man of how the earth here kind of a little bit and this is the time when he was right around then fell to earth time what was the status of that when you were with him in that come out was a I watch that though the movie was finished while we were on tour in Europe and we were in Stockholm and he had the movie sent to I haven't seen it I had them the he had the movie sent to him and we rented a cedar they ran to the theater and I sat next to men watched it look for the sign up for the first time Moses reaction that was sort of fun what was his we have nothing really overtly excessive who's your daily life life on the road like you know you get up and you do what have breakfast protect have breakfast backpack because we were moving packed all my cameras and luggage put him outside the door we we stated great hope that one of the really nice things about traveling with big good groups is saying great hotels and I like that he would buy a bus I know plane mostly plain limousine no there was the massive but we didn't like to fly he made that up because it was convenient for him if you didn't want to because he really I don't I think it really didn't because I was with him two times one when we were we done the American tour and we were going to I went back to LA for a week to get organized and he took a boat the and Italian liner to Europe there was just enough time and we met in London and then started the tour in Europe but he he had to get home what we were in London on another time and he had to get to it Intel way and he took a took a seven forty seven big first class lane I was good so I was with him once when he flew he said he didn't fly usually when we we were going around to stop she had this big as six hundred D. Mercedes one of those big black ones yeah and at Tony his driver would they would the drive to the next city this Tony the guy in the photos with the hat the the server had or is it you know he's the one with the little sick a real low and looks like an Italian killer all right did you have any delays besides photographing I mean they're not many people on the tour did you have to we were an organizer a wrangler have to do anything else no I was if if anybody needed help I would do it but I didn't have any other things just take care of my the photography joined in with you folks Iggy Pop obviously joined you because he's in a wheelchair on the whole tour I don't know that I I knew him from the earliest days from from the Stooges we became friends in LA and we we shared a mutual friend a young guy forces at work for the doors Danny Sugerman was his name and he died young but he was Jimmy's best friend and that's how I met him early on and then I shot him and a couple shows and then I did two tours for him and on the seventy six Bowie tour he was on the whole tour he traveled with us digi digi figure large I'd like that that I met her earlier were you a me here I met her in LA at the forum they had a big hit his concert then they had a big you know record company big party afterwards and Angelus there and I met her a couple other times but then she was gone I didn't even see her anymore I suppose I should say the answer was was that they've always wife yes I guess first right yeah no he was their child and now he uses a a proper name in that in forty five seconds before the break well since you're gonna run into on the tour obviously the famous people coming out to hang around with David Bowie who did you meet or befriend that is interesting David Hockney that was I think probably one that you know David Hockney still remind me is a famous California artist real real popular California the pool people diving into a pool in his own style very valuable one of the the newer greater artists of our time I think right now I hope you have a little more time have a few more questions if that's okay sure it's WBZ CBS news update the leading democratic presidential candidates were on stage in their fifty obey this one on MSNBC CBS's ed o'keefe stats.

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