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Said phoebe gygi mood. Jogi mu said jubal musha k. Bjorn lucky endeavour. Clever forever boogie pseudo. Tashi mazda popcorn. Shibuya kei be orn shibuya. Bjorn said suga. Muga musha Bjorn lucky endeavour forever. Boogie shudo tashi mazda popcorn. Lucky what said phoebe. The boy smiled. Again it's okay. He said. I have a long name. It's jussi but before he could finish saying his name. Phoebe said you know it is a very long name. And i don't think i'll ever be able to learn it. How about just call you ju- gi instead like a nickname. A nickname is just like a shorter name. That your friends call. You should be bjorn. Lucky endeavour clever forever boogie. Shudo tasha mustang. Popcorn wasn't sure about it but it was nice to have a new friend in the neighborhood. So he said goes soon after. Phoebe and sugimura lucia k. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever book issued tashi mazda. Popcorn became good friends. They would do everything together. They would play. Video games feeds house. They would make cardboard forts at gigolo uk. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever. A bogey pseudo toshimasa popcorns house with all the leftover cardboard boxes from his move they would go to the park together and sit on their front stoops and play card games all the things that friends do together. Phoebe would do with juju. Juju chablis bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever bogey doe tashi mazda popcorn and chugging muji mutual. Uk bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever. Boogie shoe tashi mazda. Popcorn would do all the friend things with phoebe but even though they were very good friends phoebe wouldn't use jergen move up. Your lucky endeavour clever forever boogie shudo tashi mazda popcorns name. She would call him gygi instead. He asked her a few more times to learn his name. But it just seemed like too much work for phoebe. One day phoebe said. Hey you do you wanna go. Explore the big kids side of the playground at their park. The littler kids stayed on one side of the playground. The side with the slides and toys and swings and the big kids played on the other side which had a long field playing soccer and had a table for eating and playing cards jogi muggy mu bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever. Bogey pseudo tashi stay popcorn. Said.

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