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Head up back channeled through it done why aren't you way forward evidence to come out sean and then you can conclude awaiting here in 2016 i've been waiting a year showed samak and i was in hat by a casper the friendly goals so look uh if we're finished talking about my book hacks can we talk about what's on your menu for thanksgiving let me play for you all of these people up to and including last two sundays ago diane feinstein that say this small small small small women harunur for your plenty of smoke no fire as it relates to the topic we're talking about uh the mr clapper than men on say that to his knowledge there was no evidence of collusion between members the trump campaign in the russians we did not conclude any evidence in our report and when i say i report that is the nsa fbi and cia with my office the director of national intelligence they had anything and you reflection of collusion between the members of the trump campaign and the russians there was no evidence of that in our report what is mr clapper wrong when he said that i think he's right about characterizing a report which you all over it redid non include any evidence in our report and i say hour the nsa fbi and cia with martin office director nison told since the head anything that rao had any reflection of collusion between members of the trump campaign and the russians there was no evidence that included in in our report have you seen anything either intelligence briefings at serie intelligence briefings anything to back up any of the accusations that show up think they have the documentation that they did the apple the hacking on the dnc bright and on some about cno that what the collision though no we have not do you have evidence that there was in fact collusion between trump associates and russia during the campaign not at this time be seen anything that suggest.

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