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Totally fine. Chris, tell me about what's your go to? What drink do you have if you're not drinking beer? What do you want to drink? Coffee. Coffee? Yeah. Okay. It's like coffee and beer. That's it. Coffee and beer. Coffee beer water. I try to stay away from sugary stuff. I get my fill with beers and yeah, coffee, coffee, coffee until it's time to drink beer. I just came back from I was in the island of Kauai, Hawaii. And I visited Kauai coffee plantation, which is the largest coffee plantation in the United States. Wow. Yeah, I don't know how many thousands and thousands of acres. So I thought I was big. I was bringing home gifts of all of the coffee to everyone, you know, fresh coffee beans in it. So I brought it all back on my carry on and I went through on the carry on and they had to open it up of course and check everything to make sure I wasn't carrying any illegal in the coffee and everything. So the carry on smell great when they opened it up. Sure. So I wrote home and go, yeah, you get some heads, so I'm in acne the other day. And I see you on a shelf quite closely. The same damn coffee, but you're just like your smuggling kilos. Pressure. And I think it was probably cheaper. Probably. Probably. But then it's the plane ticket. So I know there's festival seasons coming up. I know that oyster creek. First time I actually met Chris was at a festival before he would open. Very astute about the merchandising and actually register and was there promoting the brand promoting the logo and the merchandise before before he had even opened up. And it wasn't even like a month before. No, we were at 6 months out before the year before you opened, I think. Yeah, it was even more than 6 months. It was probably like 9 months before we were still looking for contractors to come in and do work because every guy we had come in was like, yeah, sure, I'll give you a call back. And you never hear from again. But yeah, I love this festival season. I love beer fests. To be outside, especially the outside ones. To be outside. And serving beer and people coming up and really giving you people who've never tried your beer before, giving you real-time feedback. It's great. It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of work. It's a long day or a long two days. We're coming up festival season. And which ones are you going to be at? A lot of them down here, but Atlantic City is Atlantic City is two months away. It's two months away. We got less than two months now. We got beach haven. In two weeks. And some of these are for charities because that's where the department and beach haven, which is on Long Beach island. Yeah, we just signed on for there's another one in times of our quarks and kegs. And then when we did last fall, but now they just had been in the spring, but they had done it in the fall was Bridgewater beer fest, which is for a one you want to know. Yeah, it was cool. It was very cool one. Small. Like maybe 25 breweries or so. But the usual suspects, you had bolero there, you had Icarus there. Trying to get some of the names of the people. But it's like everybody, but it was very nice, small profession. And I think the weather kind of brought that one down. So I expect this year if the weather's nice to be a little bit bigger. No matter Hopkins is in Manhattan. That's probably our favorite just because it's our local beer fest. It's right on the Lake. They have to benefit the PBA. Yeah, and so many good breweries there. Great music. It's a craft vendors and whatnot. And yeah, that's a good one. That was a good one. We actually curated the judging for that. For the beers, last year. So I may be asking you to come and be a judge. That would be so much fun. So we'll do that. I'll put it in my calendar right now. That is you don't have to commit. August 6th. It's that first weekend in August 6th. She had to really, it's a really fun festival. It's a really fun festival. A lot of great local vendors. It's a benefit. The Stafford PB do a lot of toys for tots stuff, et cetera, a bunch of great, great guys, great people running that. And technically, that's kind of my hometown festival. It's only a little bit from a little bit from my place too. Really nice. A lot of good festivals coming up a great time to be had to be had. We had a few last year. There was some hiccups, some hips and starts last year. We're still in the process of redoing some of our shows. We've got like maybe one or two left of the shows we did from the fest last year. Right. I know. Because you weren't able to come on. I miss you guys at athletic city. You were on your own that day. I don't think it was hard for you to get away from it. Well, it was a very strange day because I had to actually leave because it was my daughter's dance recital. It was one of those it was one of those I ended up coming back that evening. But it was camping on the festival grass. No, we didn't camp. We ended up staying, but we stayed with Mike from JCB. Okay. So now I remember. Yeah, there's a business story. But yeah, I ended up I ended up having to talk to you, and it completely, my brain completely forgot that I wasn't going to be there all day. So I hung out until one or 2 o'clock, and then I jumped in a car, drove up back up here, went to a dance recital, jumped back in the car, drove back down. Hung out at a beer fest for another two hours, and then tore everything down. Saturday. I was in Friday night until about two in the morning. That's another reason we had. That's a different story. Did you meet Kelsey Grammer? Did you meet Kelsey Grammer? We did an interview with him. All right. We're probably, I think one of the few pockets that did international interview with him. We got 5 minutes to do it very nice guy. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, super nice. Yeah, like 5, 5 minutes with him. And you know, if you look at the YouTube video, we even have some fake mics in front of it because they weren't hooked up yet. Because we didn't have time to go back and get the cables in here. I went through the order, but it was got these very, very nice. I still don't think to tap room opened up there in New York State though. I don't know if it did faith American. Yeah, I'm not sure. Slow down here though. Some good beer. There was some good beers there. Yeah. I think the lager was there like it was nice and crisp. Yeah. But the only concern with an outdoor festival is what we got going on right now is Friday night at AC downpour. And then.

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