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Your nephew, you're the web, and everything briefly you the Maimon what boom boom room. But we're gonna have a pitcher full because people like you know, for money Joe. Oh, they'll miss people in Chicago. I hope to you won't would you drove around Chicago and still on, then I know what, you know, get a pitch with an autograph. Phone vote. I am a plane. I, I would play the day yet, every time I mom prostate Cup. I played the Tribu you, you do that. That's my job. Yeah. The point sounds good. See that boat. But we, we did editor to we hiked it up. Put them more fake to it and put the music bit hand. That's or you sound like Liberace man. You, you the main, man. You know, appreciate it bit. Next run. I made Chicago, but do that I'm going to get that pigs it to you Eben. Oh, one more thing. I need to ask you wanted. That guy's name. What, what was it Strickland? Yeah. Jesse hits now. Up to thirteen. He to my party, what a plan at the FEC count. We have not pick, and you pick you Gillette thirteen 'cause he used the cog within ten minutes number and tell them if you as a cog abo-, tell everybody comes to the picnic, and I'll make sure everybody eats. You know he's not talking about both he was down. He was a whig. Hey, mike. You know, I got you bet I appreciate the call. I have sinned in you his phone number right now. You makes use in both tell the people own. Oh, oh, one more thing. I gotta tell you. I'm glad you called me. You shake y'all. Got your game of addressing me y'all Pablo t show like he got it. But JD now pre-state that. And then you got more Jones have natural both, then it'd be nasty. That flow is to still, it's still if they win was that when when was open when even move slow boat, he needed a floor. With he was in Trump. Tom. It'd be nice when it's little one, you got here. We don't have shown that I'll pass it on. He'll be listening to me might maybe he'll listen to you. Yeah. So, and I would've showed in a temple certain attack. I can't stand him the next day, make you think he failed so this name, and we'll go. All right. Ladies and gentlemen, as much joining us here on the right time a couple of times a week. My man gave Bassein. How did everything behind the scenes? Thank you, sir. Thank you, to our if you haven't heard contributors, thanks to Greg, Cody of the Miami Herald, check him out talking about OJ Simpson jumping on Twitter. Also things did you Harwell or the Washington Post check out his story about deep fake videos, and thanks to gave or getting people hip the game on the Lakisha story. She white DJ Mike hitman Pri. She eight. Deg rayleigh. Thanks for our sponsor butcher box, also reminded the right time book clubs coming soon. The book is Jim Brown, the fears life of an American hero by Mike Freeman are. I guess we'll be Howard Brian check that out soon. Also, the wo- do podcasts coming back for you on July first just in time for the start of free agency..

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