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Up breaking down on a very in the middle of the sea. Yes. And they pushed us off the ferry onto an island in Croatia. And they said, good luck. Yeah. And sayonara. So actually, I mean, that's not Croatian. But anyway, there's a whole podcast about that that you guys can listen to. But yes, that trip was just exhausting. It was exhausting. I mean, Croatia, Montenegro over to Bosnia to see our friend back to Croatia all in 12 days, very fast travel with a one and a half year old. And Heather being pregnant and my parents who were troopers and they loved it, but we loved the trip, but that when we came back, we said, I don't think we will ever do something this fast again. At least not unless it's a solo trip or Heather and I together. I mean, it was just too much. So to take it a little slower, the next trip we did was called the time for a minivan road trip. Which also was somewhat fast paced, but because we had we had two kids at this point because I'd had Hadley and she was two months old and we decided, hey, let's go to Canada to visit our Friends, so we went to Prince Edward county, which is such a cute area. Ontario, we loved it. And then we decided to visit family in New England, so we went to Vermont in New Hampshire and up to Maine and then back home. So it was also pretty fast paced, but also we realized that our car was to small for road tripping with two children. And I think it's different because we're road tripping through Canada and the U.S. and areas we already knew versus going through a Croatia and Bosnia and things like that. When you putting stuff in Google Maps in the U.S. and typically we're like, okay, this is how long it's going to take when we were doing that in creation and saying like 5 hour driving and then it was taking ten. You know, that's a lot different. So yes, we said time for a minivan and we now do have a minivan took us some years to get it, but we do have a minivan. Now. But that was our first trip with two kids. And just a nice, a nice entry into this. Oh, this is what it's like to travel with a family of four. Now, the next trip that we took. And this is actually a two parter. We did this in February of 2019 and December of 2019. And this is called the, it doesn't have to be sexy. It just has to be warm. And so we were living in Philadelphia at the time. So February 2019 and December 2019, both are winter. And the first time we did this, we went down, I wanted to take this big trip, I wanted to go down to Costa Rica or somewhere in Central America, our buddy Jason from jiro to travel was coming over for Norway. We like, let's go somewhere really cool together with the families. And we ended up going to tarpon springs, Florida. Yeah, well, because Jason was in Florida visiting his dad and he's like, well, I don't really think Jason being the wise. Father of two was like, yeah, I'm not going to go somewhere else. I'm just going to stay in full order. So why don't you come on down here and join me in Florida so Travis was like, all right. But I guess we'll go down to Florida. We'll meet up with Jason and I'll just be fine. And I just kept in my head saying, it's just hard to like, oh, this is so, I can't believe this is the type of trip I'm now taking. Again, we talk about identity and Heather mentioned, you get to make your own choices, but a lot of times you're like, for me, at least I'm fighting my own head and I'm thinking Florida is so lame, like who goes to Florida and we went there in February 2019 and I'm not kidding within the first time. I'm moving so much. Yeah, and exactly. And the whole of 2019 and beginning of 2020 and into the pandemic, we were looking at properties in Florida to move to the Tampa Bay Area St. Petersburg area because we went to tarpon, springs, which is a tiny little town north of Tampa Bay. And it was cute and it was fun and we loved being there and it was great and then in December of the same year in 2019, we're like, well, let's go back and kind of check out that area. Well, and I was pushing. I can't believe it's farted. And that whole year after that trip, I'm like, when can we go back to Florida? When's it getting cold enough in December 2019, we went down. And because we also, we hadn't actually been to saint Pete and we'd heard great things about St. Petersburg, we're like, well, let's go there because maybe we want to move there and live there. So it was kind of another research trip of do we want to live here? And we loved Madeira beach itself is cool, but it's just like condos, but seeing Pete in that whole area in that city. We love St. Petersburg so much that we really thought that we were probably going to move there until we found this beach house in North Carolina. So yeah, that was that was that. It doesn't have to be sexy. It can just be Florida. It could just be one completely eye opening. I was a 100% wrong. I would move to Florida still. I mean, it was. Maybe we will..

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