Russia, Congress, Asthma discussed on Slate's Trumpcast - Lawyer Up, Bro


To make public statements saying there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia last year that's also been raised in this whole sort of obstruction question they haven't really publicly commented on that as far as i know they they testified before congress and actually this is another example of some units classified and all this mike rogers ahead head of the nsa with question about this and told a believer house committee that his conversation with trump that they were asthma was classified says knowing where security clearance uh let's say there were some notes of that meeting you're not supposed to be looking at that uh uh he said the i mean the first sign if indeed as as you point out we're not completely sure that thai cops coming on he certainly not there yet but if the first thing to recommend ty cobb is that he could get this clearance i mean that that that would seem to be royal step one in hiring at least lawyers the jesse and i spoke to who who have done this kind of work in the past say you want clearance to do this representation about him look back at even you may remember when hillary clinton was secretary of state still and had her sort of famous a grilling about benghazi yet i would went off like 12 hours or whatever was she hired private outside counsel sort of like her marc kasowitz except the person she hired the guiding david kendall who is the sort of longtime washington lawyer who got security clearance steve aimed at for that narrow just to prepare hillary clinton for the on the on this the benghazi here got it so it seems like trump should have somebody with security clearance uh number one and ever to i mean again the interesting about the thai cobb situation is is rubin report that he's joining the white house as an actual employees zohreh trump's legal to outside legal team right now it's kasowitz there's a also j secular received to mainly be a guy who a.

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