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He was part of the temperance movement which was kind of like a well, it was a movement through early. Yeah. temporaries movement I. Think it was the land here. I you have was a movement latter eighteen hundreds and into the nineteen hundreds. I. Gained a lot way more support than I could ever imagine nowadays. But basically, when did you say it started the eighteen hundreds? Yeah. Latter half the eighteen hundred. Okay. All right, and through until. It it. Really took off when Gwyneth paltrow gun control of. Eighteen fifty. So he being part of this movement I'm not gonNa tell you what they were all about yet. He believed that minimizing pleasure and stimulation of all kinds coupled with vegetarian diet anchored by bread made from weeked coarsely ground at home was how God intended people to live, and that falling this natural law would keep people healthy goal GBS, bread man. So he invented Graham. Crackers Bland course, not a lot of flavor. Perfect. Exactly, what Graham crackers are China ten. So he eventually inspired a little known duo named John, and will Kellogg Oh. They were brothers. So John was a doctor. He was a health activist and inventor a eugenicist. So check. Episode Season With Tom Foley. He was the. Episode to to dose our second episode ever. We talked about eugenics which is another positive episode, technically speaking our third episode ever curious on our first, very, very, very first episode finance on Patriot. That was shameless shows, very shameless advertising, but just can drop it out there. Shit. So, here's the director of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan his brother also worked there. I think he was like a janitor or something on I. Remember exactly not a not a high high place. Do you mean to tell me that you didn't do as much research as you should have, this wasn't the the main focus of my episode because he's not a Nazi. So I see that's that's where it mattered. So they believed in the temperance movement and they believed heavily in absence just like Utah and you know. Just like this Pacific state. Weird. So his. He promoted the development of an Aphrodisiac foods, which is where the plane tasteless cornflakes his brother used to make into a serial kingdom. Now to clarify, it's not like an Aphrodisiac, it's an hour and a half APHRODISIAC, the opposite. Yeah. This is not an African. Give you this, and then you're you're building our voice tres, Boehner would just go normal. But if you did not eat the oysters, your Weiner is inside you back in pretty much. Yeah. It's a magical experience. My God. It's you should try it. So yeah, we're doing right now. Graham, crackers. Persona, my mouth would be so dry. Through so he yeah, basically, John was the doctor. He tried out a whole bunch of stuff on those poor sanitarium. Crazies or just women who talk back. Because, we all know the women, the top talk back. It's not that they're like a problem. It's the their horny. That's. Crazy. And they the only I mean to fix, it is to prescribe chew hours of finger blasting. And Graham crackers. If, you don't know anything about how crazy people were treated in the. Late, eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds that probably doesn't make any sense. So his. Yeah. So he was trying to create this just bland tasteless food to get people to stop jerking it, and eventually they they made a mistake in the processing of this. Brand and it became cornflakes and his brother was like. Oh, I can use this I'm going to be a millionaire. I mean hand I'm GonNa stop people from masturbating. The best is like he he thinks that these foods are basically post nut clarity. I think essential logs. First thing. First thing in the morning you. Kellogg you like I. Don't need crank one out before I. Go to school I'm set. I. Don't I'm not going to think about sex arrests. Today, I'm going to think about success and the Bible. Yeah. So they. They were heavily inspired by Sylvester. Graham. When they were creating that food and yeah, they they basically created these cornflakes to stave off the horn anus. To go into more of the personal beliefs of John. Kellogg, not the serial guy. But the Sierra Guy's brother if I hopefully don't have that mixed up her that'll suck he. Yeah. He thought that masturbation was the literally the worst thing that you could do I have a quote neither the plague nor war nor smallpox nor similar diseases have reduced results. So disastrous to humanity as the pernicious habit of an ISM. masturbating. In your own privacy. In your own home is worse than war smallpox and plague. I. Love This. MAZING. Like. I. Want this guy for president. Yeah, I'd. Sounds like he would really really lock things down. Yeah. I had heard of the temperance movement and I'd heard of these guys being crazy, but I didn't think they took themselves. Weren't leaking this crazy. Yeah. There are people in the temperance movement who were so crazy about like their diets. These vegetarian bland tasteless diets that I wish I could remember who it was. But I was reading a quote about a man who stated that his bowel movement smelled like a fresh biscuit on a summer day. He never white, he just goes. It's nice because every other day I am producing my own biscuits and gravy and it's phenomena. Oh, he's not producing any. No. Popeye biscuits and Sabi while he's in there, every morning don't don't don't make me feel better cornflakes. God Dude. YOUR FIBER INTAKE BUDDY That's all they had was fiber. That's all. So he warned heavily about masturbation related deaths, which is my favorite. Ever. told me I would happily find masturbated related. That's amazing. Did he did he state like Oh here? Some some things that happen again, jerk off and ripped off and not. I bet that he would say things like prostate cancer or ovarian or ovarian cancer uterine cancer was caused by masturbating to stupid scientists something. Cool. If you were impotent, it was because you jerked off. Any kind of urinary disease, epilepsy, insanity, disability blindness, and also wanted to point out that climax caused exhaustion of nervous energy writing meaning..

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