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Everything is free and Mexico will pay for it. All right. We were talking about Mr showers and his We'll call it battle with the IRS. After all if you spell it. T. H. E. I. R. S. It's bells. There's in twenty eleven. The sour set up shop at a farmer's market or festival or festival venues and dealt on a cash only basis at these types of places They backed each sale with a notation on a yellow legal pad. Every Monday like clockwork Karen entered a branch of Columbus Bank and deposited the cash proceeds typically around ten thousand dollars. We'll do it after a particularly large route but after a particularly large special event carrying arrived at the Columbia at Columbia Bank the following Monday with approximately twelve thousand dollars a bit more green than usual and received a request from the bank teller according to the salaries the teller as Karen for favouring said. Make your deposit less than ten thousand dollars and no paperwork God? So the teller advised her to to do something that would result in a suspicious activity report. The teller said make your deposit less than ten thousand dollars and no paperwork is required. Wow that was it. She said we did it because we were asked to do it for thirty four weeks. Karen deposited about nine thousand five hundred dollars each time. I'm not saying it didn't look a little odd. But there was a reason we'd been at our says. There is no tax evasion no laundered money and no drug money. Technically by depositing the cash increments in less than ten thousand dollars the salaries were committing a crime. Now Yeah I just want to point out that a real crime requires a or property damage of which there is none in this case right yes the bank secrecy. Act of nineteen seventy requires all. Us banks to notify the feds of any transactions above ten thousand dollars. Really right that was in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy feels like that was a Lotta money in one thousand nine hundred seventy like was more one hundred thousand dollars now. Right but of course. There's no adjusting for inflation is of the law. Good question we. What would that be today? I don't know interesting question. Essentially the act allowed the government to place tighter crosshairs on drug operations crime organizations and money launderers by tracking the movement of large piles of cash by the letter of the law. The salaries were guilty of structuring. Cash deposits as you pointed out in To keep totals below the reporting requirements and off the government's radar. The pursuit of sours was backed by then Maryland. Us Attorney Rod Rosenstein. Who would go on to serve as U S Deputy Attorney General and resign in two thousand nineteen following a controversial tenure? I have the inflation calculator at us. Inflation CALCULATOR DOT COM. If in nineteen seventy you purchase an item for ten thousand dollars in twenty twenty the same item would cost sixty six thousand four hundred and eighty seven dollars. Oh my God that's going with the official inflation rates right really hot right so the government themselves say that that about this law was passed in nineteen seventy. You're close with one hundred thousand. I would say that it's probably at least one hundred thousand if you go with like what the real two point five percent and it's probably way more than that. Yeah they play with those numbers kinds of crazy ways. The salaries is say we'd never even heard of the Bank Secrecy Act and didn't meal to break any secret. I'm kidding it's not secret but that's the idea we had no idea. It is for you. The Bank Secrecy. Act isn't for you. It's not for people to read. It's not the bankers. Know about it and that's about it you don't learn about stuff except when the when they come after you yeah. I know I didn't a until I read articles like this. Or or unless you are actually a terrorist or a money launderer or something and you have done the research to learn how to make deposits into banks or whatever then you might know about this. Yeah 'cause I mean if you're being you know financed by Osama bin Laden you can afford a lawyer right to advise you if you're running a mom and pop shop. He probably can't Sours describes they were about to take our money and run threaten us with jail and then expect us not to make a sound combine all that with sixteen hours a day of work on a farm and watch what happens to your life parents stating and so many people we know assumed we must have done at least some bad stuff because otherwise the government would never never bother us. Man oops. That's a heavy on your own little community I guess the learned the Fallacy of that thing. I hope they learned it. I do but because this is you know it's so sad And it really just goes to show where we are today. I mean we would all love for people to be aware of how evil the government is but yet the mentality is they've experienced here is the the people they knew. Oh those folks must be doing something wrong is the. Irs wouldn't shown up like that otherwise they wouldn't be getting investigated they must be doing. Something wrong must be and you know to to just sort of by default believe whatever it is the government says we got a long way to go. If there's any step that anybody can take towards more freedom or liberty? It's it's don't assume things when you see a folks of the government cloth or batch in fact assume the opposite of what you are probably assuming and you're probably center until proven guilty. Don't forget that just a cry a Charge is not a conviction. It doesn't mean anything so on Costa Ten. Am on Feb morning in two thousand twelve. The government came knocking at South Mountain. Creamery is on farm store when to Treasury agents S. hours if he was willing to answer some questions.

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