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Yeah and you know you probably know Jesse story about how he went to sheets I guess and they gave him some fucked up coffee and he you know he's had a sour taste about it ever since then and that sort of happened to me with Wa wa I mean I'm a sheets all day too and I'm in wild wild country but dude. I don't think there's a comparison I really don't she says so much more selection but you know whatever it's debatable guests Jesse Nossa I tease him about it too but I have the same kind of thing I went to Wa wa and they I don't know they they fucked up a sandwich. I ordered or something then they said we don't have that. That's why you and the guy said you can either have chicken strips or chicken this and he was giving me choices of something that I really didn't want and the kind of looked at him because I wasn't prepared for to be asset kind of question and kept repeating it as if I have to really say this low for this dumb mute so he said you can have chicken strips or chicken whatever he said and I just eventually said okay. Just give me the money back and I left and now I don't think I'll ever set foot in a while again so I can understand you know holding a doesn't make sense that one incident in from a rational mind doesn't make sense that would make me not wanna go wa Wa but honestly I mean. I was fringe anyway with them. I really don't care for while while the coffee. I'm not crazy about the the the sub some not crazy about. I think sheets kills them. Every day on. I'm ready made things to eat fresh fresh things you can eat I look for I look for sheets all the time. I'm so excited when I see one on the road. I can't wait to stop there like the thing that I always heard about wow while even while I always heard about how interested in general and I remember when I first stopped. I posted a picture of me while on everybody that I know it was like you need to try the cookies and cream milk. Okay the cookies and cream milk is great plus. I'll give them that <hes> the other two things that I have my experience of going to wobble that I really do like an always give them credit for is they have a barbecue cheese steak which is really good in the first time I tried that I was in Philly the day after I had one of the uh the really good cheese steak places in fellow yeah the one by the EC W ahead Oh Tony Luke's yet the Dow was it always forgotten the best bro. That's the best one so good so the next day I had the barbecue and I'm like I love Barbecue in general's on like this is pretty awesome and then I went down to Wrestlemainia went to Iowa and I went to buy macaroni and cheese and they offered me like three different sizes and getting Mac and cheese at sheets one size. That's it the last time I've had it's been a little while so I was like Oh wow was offering me sizes. I'm like that plus but to compare which one's better. It's like saying okay I go to McDonalds and I get the big Mac I I think the big MACs better than the Walker and I'm like well. Why don't you try the Walker next to the quarter pounder with cheese because I'm in that's just a quarter pounder like that's the actual comparison which of those is better so I always want to like get something at one and it's something which one I liked the best I mean there's things I do like about while but right? I think sheets is a lot better but then in our area we have a chain which you better known of a little bit about on the how long you been out of Bob Buffalo because I actually was in buffalo and they had this chain up there. Is We have a chain of grocery stores called Giant Eagle and Giant Eagle has its own gas station in the past say five years they've grown in more of the made to order stuff okay and the favorite sandwich and I know a lot of people that I know agree with me that something that we praise and it's called the pilgrim comes out during thanksgiving. Okay the breads made okay that stuffing <hes> and has Turkey gravy cranberries on it cranberry sauce. I know missing some things I want to say. There's mashed potatoes on it. I'm sold yet it is it is so got me men so that when people say sheets are all in like I prefer sheets but yeah a Gecko is supreme but last time I was not in buffalo is in Erie Rier. I has has that changed. The buffalo doesn't what they have is because I was talking to independent wrestler puff one thing the buffalo has I love. THAT JESSE LOVES THAT WE DON'T GET everywhere like they're in my area but not nearly as much Tim Tim Hortons Oh Jeez Dude. Let me some Tim Tim Hortons of Tim bits are amazing. I always think up here because they don't they don't know squat about good coffee or whatever here I mean. It's Dunkin donuts or starbucks folks. That's it and I mean they're okay. Dunkin's okay. I'm not. I'm not a starbucks guy because it's a little strong for me but I understand people are different tastes on that but I always thought if I had the money I would bring Timmy hose franchise franchise up here and kick. Everybody's ASS. No you know. I just think that these cats if they got a if they got a taste of that game over but I could be wrong. I think it's it all has to do with distribution like it's crazy how it works in my area the closest Tim Hortons I think is like there's two of them but they're an hour ish in opposite directions. Oh okay there's none in Cleveland but then when you get down towards Columbus abyss there's a bunch like it's just an ample amount on my okay. We have them down there. We have a couple other spots none in Cleveland none in Akron Canton but then like you get into pencil. Sorry getting closer the Pennsylvania there's more. I don't know if there's any in the Anna plan like wh where's this going 'cause those trucks that go down to Columbus and go to these other places. They're driving through the area. I seen one pass me on my way home one day. I'm like okay. There's a Tim hortons truck. Why don't we have a franchise here because I think it would kill to yes? There's a name brand with them that you always hear about even if they're not in your area so in one finally pops up you go. I need to try them out because always heard about this franchise. Yeah the are so good. Oh Yeah I mean I've been on a scavenger hunt of sorts to try to find wherever I could because you know I was spoiled for. I was born and raised in Buffalo so I came here to Jersey in two thousand six but I was there my whole life buffalo and able to go up to Canada when we're on it and all that stuff so I mean I was used to tim importance. You know anywhere wanted and here that it's random where you can find them. There is one in New York Penn station which is this is how weird I am. Ah That's a destination point for me. I properly. I haven't done this before I usually. I have something to do in New York when I get there but I could see myself taking a trip just for the Thames you know I I would do that so like when I went down to Tennessee I stopped Tim Hortons on the way down in Columbus and I stopped at the same on the way back yeah and brought some Tim bits back for my girlfriend because I I always get him bits. I I always get an assorted pack like I'll get some other food to her. I'll get this sorted pack and I always hope that I find ones that have the Jelly donut those are to me. Those are the best I'm not a huge jelly donut fan but I feel like there's just the perfect amount of jelly for that little donut or doesn't feel like overkill so yeah I had that on the way down actually left a all my leftovers two to Jesse. He's getting a lot of love them. Both he's upset. The hobie enjoys it by no right but it on the way back I had seen how when I was there the first time they had coffee Tim bits now. It's like a new flavor. My girlfriend loves that flavor like loves describe everything coffee and I picked her up like a special ten pack and just all coffee Offi ones because I wanted her to enjoy 'cause you're like well. Why don't you get assorted like well? If I do that like the seven flavors you might get one might get to at best so I'm like I give you a whole ten pack. You get ten so you get the hat so much with it yeah. That's it's a better philosophy. Have you had their ice cap. Yes you know yeah those bomb. The ice cap is good and I headed at one point and I think the American <hes> Tim Hortons got rid of them is they were the frozen hot chocolate uh-huh yeah. I yeah they get rid of them. I think they did get rid of them and I was so sad because that's how I eat an ice caps. I think I tried the frozen hot chocolate. I I mentioned that to a Canadian friend of mine and he was like well number one. We don't have those and number two. He's like that sounds like an ice cap so I'm like okay. I'll try an ice cap next time I go and I had like Oh. The icecaps really good too so I think the <hes> the time before last I had <hes> ice cap last time I didn't didn't I had enough like energy drinks and everything to go down to Tennessee housing animal. I don't need an extra thing a coffee an extra thing that drink already have enough justin. You got me going now man I want. I want sheets want Tony. Luke's and I want Tim's so I'm analysts cravings going on a pregnant. I like a pregnant person here now. When you go down to Tennessee you need to hit up cookout aw I've heard a lot about cookout man I gotta try that and my favorite spot which I don't know if you you've had this before? They're not everywhere they're not even Ohio is chicken. Place called sack. B.'s Dude Jesse turned me onto that <hes> uh-huh Zach's B.'s rocks bro like when I actually saw since fricken killer dude I I bring some home every time a whole man like a after I had got into town me that you you know break the illusion for anybody like me. Jesse Brett coup and <hes> lane we all went as axes and I like every time I go now. I'm like I get five extra. Things as access neck may cost lost. I think five cents A._P._R.. Quarter apiece or so I I don't care like I'll I'll pay them dollar twenty-five but I'm taking some home with me really heated with other stuff because it's so good or God yeah that place is awesome. Jesse Jesse told me about another place called raising cane's down and I found a couple on the map. I think there's a couple. Maybe not too far from you. Maybe in Ohio I want to say but I I was getting ready to go to mid South and it was is a trip that never happened and I was gonna go to either way and then they wound up cancelling the shell but I had it all planned that if I went there I was gonna hit. Raising Cane's Zach spy's at one point and then raising cane's way me and my friend could really kind of get a feel for yeah what was better but Jesse says raising cane's is so it's it's a big discussion like before like every time I go down to Columbus. That was another thing like I tim hortons up and I hit his <hes> raising cane's. And all you've had that Oh yeah and then a couple of years not a couple of years ago this was last year. They opened up to not too far from a one is literally ten miles away. Okay pulled up the directions at seventeen minute drive and get to have. I have one that closed <unk>. It's really good. They have their own sauce but I need to do another taste test comparison of something that's not necessarily <hes> raising cain menu item because that will really affect raising cane's sauce. I need to try something like chicken tenders that I could buy the store chicken nuggets or something like that or even like a sandwich see which which ones better but yeah. That's that's another good. One like raising cane's is is still good and I realize in fact the one really close it. Almost makes me say like makes me not Miss B's as much but it's still good and I I think Zack sauces better than raising cane's laws but I I'm going to at least open myself up for a taste test. Who would call? I'll be waiting to hear what you say about that but yeah offered listens to this show man they're going to be. They're going to be hungry as fuck. I would think man that's munchies. That's the fun thing too is. I think everybody really connects food one way or another that there's something that we all love about food like whether it be you know whether it be like sheets are Wa wa or you know all the fast food places who has who has the best nuggets so who has the best hamburger..

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