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District this evening. NFL cabaret is part ways with offensive line coach John matsko, the team waves running back JD mckissick while tender and a qualifying offer to Pro Bowl, special team or Jeremy Reeves, we discussed the burgundy and gold inside this week's D.C. sports huttle. We also talked about the NCAA tournament WTO's rob wood fork has his eye on an under seated Atlantic ten school. I actually picked VCU as my 5 12 upset. I mean, they're just, they've just been a strong basketball program. We're a good long while. So I thought they were a little low as it's well. Go inside the D.C. sports huddle on WTO P dot com or wherever you get your podcasts last night's first four winners, Texas a and M Corpus Christi and Pitt, the Panthers 21 lead changes in their game against Mississippi state. That's a lifetime right there. Dave Preston WTO sports. And coming up after traffic and weather the very latest on an overnight crash on The Rock creek Parkway that left three people dead, it's still affecting your drive, a 26. You know, I love repetition what we're talking about with the clients. This is Dave Johnson, and I want to share with you a story of repeat clients of Jennifer young and her team at Jennifer young Holmes. The Rafi clients who bought a home in herndon for $527,000 in September. The plan was to fix up and flip. And they used Jennifer's recommended contracted to do the renovation work. That's teamwork. And once listed with Jennifer's team, they had 15 showings in three days and multiple offers. The home was listed for $665,000, but you ready for this? Sold for $690,000. What an amazing return on their investment. Again, the home selling journey started at $527,000 and finished at $690,000. And there's so many options and so many programs with Jennifer young of Jennifer young Holmes, like the renovate now, pay later program. Are the door to door move program. If you're thinking about selling your home, that's why you need to connect with Jennifer young and find out all the options. 8 7 7 6 one one cell, or you can go online to Jennifer young Holmes dot com. William field 703-815-5700. Life's

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