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In spite of the fact that it seemed to have been swept under the carpet in the in the pilot they had been lovers and uh he shared her impassive beta zoe knowledge of their relationship and there were meaningful significant looks and at some point i guess gene roddenberry and re berman and others decided that they would free are characters up to essentially have relationships with you know aliens of whatever whom who who has strained planet either troyer reicher would cut ago all kirk on somebody and and even in those stories marina and i consciously held onto the fact that are characters were still in love with each other and fast forward a hundred navy to episodes end one two three three movies by the fourth movie you may or may not remember opened with record in troy getting married that must have been a a lovely fulfillment of all that of all that working guys yeah it it actually was it didn't hurt that data second are wedding and you know who is we go here's a little bit of star trek trivia for you go for it who showed up on the set the night we were shooting wrecker in troyes wedding friend of patrick stewart's politician a politician former secretary of state madeleine albright oh my gosh how cool is that little podcast factor that's amazing not many actress get to play a role as long as you got two i'm curious how growing older as you're playing the role in playing it for many years how will reichert changed for you over the years or how that role developed what kind of changes to you go through as an actor when playing a role that long i think i guess god more comfortable in that horrible skin tight spacesuit and i thought there was a period where roddenberry had said to me in the very beginning of the of the series said i don't ever want you to smile.

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