Congress, Scott Pruitt, Senior Counsel discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


We're told all sources that contacted the committee expressed similar concerns so tonight sixty four democratic members of congress signed a joint statement calling on scott pruitt to resign that was before the new reporting from the ap about the multimillion dollar security costs and that was before this new reporting tonight about his senior counsel and multiple staffers including current political appointees raising the issue with the senate staff senate committee that oversees the epa raising this question of whether or not drive us actually had to come to work in order to earn her senior counsel salary working for scott pruitt but like i said she has resigned as of this second scott pruitt is still in his job in don donald trump's cabinet but the night is young and stuff happens on fridays the one very high profile person who is definitely leaving washington tonight is hr mcmaster hope you saw this footage today to see this day remarkable footage of west wing staff and security council staff coming outside onto the grounds of the white house to cheer for him and applaud for him as he left the white house for the last time general mcmaster was fired by president trump about two weeks ago today was his his last day and he went out with this remarkable show of support from his colleagues and from white house staff today but he is now gone and the new national security adviser the president's third after mike flynn who is awaiting sentencing and hr mcmaster the new national security adviser john bolton is due to start on monday you probably want to stick a pin in that for now because there are real questions about john bolton starting on monday real questions out of today's news we get into that in just a minute with rolling stone reporter tim dickinson tonight.

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