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Just weeks ago if you had visited the site you would have seen a very old large rock bouncing impressively near the edge of a cliff but it is not there now it is at the bottom of the cliff and it is in pieces police say several young people pushed it off katherine barber is a ranger at the brim rocks the site in north yorkshire england we reached her in harrogate babar first of all for those who haven't seen these broom him rocks can you describe what they look like okay let's quite difficult to do but if you haven't seen them there's lots of different patents within the cause being created by wind erosion the window asian exploits weaknesses within the bedding planes of the cassette is quite a lot bit polls at what we call an bedding planes exposed in the rocks said the textures on the it's a quite quite kava quite nice to and the they make the routes look different every single angle disquiet a few in the main rocks amu it covers about point eight to the heck fairly large and this loss of different experts within the area the family kind of dark gray color into the grit stone that they all made of yeah the quite unique on lots of different shapes that can seem within the been given names cynthia toward in times and other fascinating to look at and you wonder if they don't top over on their own but in fact one toppled over north on its own can you tell us what happened to this particular rock so as you say some of them quite an gravity defying on their own and some of them actually they can be moved by just pushing them gently and rocking stones and that happens because they're quite evenly balanced with white so there's one particular rocking stone that some it's been around since well ten thousand years ago in various foams on it's been named the rookie stan since for hundreds of years but unfortunately a couple of weeks ago we had some fairly enthusiastic visitors who wrote so much eventually fell talk the rocket was balanced on on exploited on the ground with them taking the difference outcrop with it so it's made quite a mess on the ground with lots of them have fractured rockin them broken off on the.

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