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For success. Run some brand professional cyclist with team. Novo nordisk at the worlds first all diabetes professional cycling team twenty twenty. One is a huge Yeah fourteen gets the hundred year of the discovery of insulin. Obviously this year is a massive step towards the whole diabetes community around the world and we want to show what's possible with diabetes coming into the back end of the season. Now we've got tour of denmark and a main sponsor never notice danish show. That's a huge goal. Rose hadn't into twenty twenty. Two is is another huge air and we hope to capitalize on that for me personally in twenty twenty two we actually have the commonwealth games again so i hope be selected for the olive mon- for that for that race. You know we've got a huge wealth of talent cavendish mark christian whilst i represent the isle of man. I'm representing myself team. Novo nordisk and the whole diabetes community whilst they do that and then every single one of team novo nordisk wants to win. We want to win together. We want to do the best for each other for ourselves for the team. And for the whole diabetes community around the world. And that's what we show day inundate when we got on the bike we race to inspire educate empower everyone around the world affected by diabetes. And we hope that we can continue that through the rest of two twenty twenty one and throughout twenty twenty two. I headed to calendar. She's adopted home county of essex to interview him for a chapter of the cycling theology that ended up being called zen and the art of grandeur. Sprinting he suggested we meet a little bistro. He knew there early and waited. He arrived in a very small sky-blue jagua car and after each sat down. And we'd said hello. I took a challenge with a gentle junk nice. Colorado said is not team sky. Blue it french racing blue. He said which just the beginning of a snarl on his lips a snarl. I managed to defuse with a broad smile so he knew i was pulling his leg. We did something to eight. I chose the white bank which was served in a small flowerpot which he found amusing. I wanted to try to unpick the bunch sprint from the inside to learn about the chaos and choreography. The speed both of wheels and decision. Making the thing about speaking to kevin dish about this sort of thing is that only really have to do is lead him out and he's off plant an idea then pull over and watch him hit top speed. He started talking about his own physiology. Put me on regan the lab and he probably wouldn't even call me. Sprint tastes teams. Guys coach tim harrison told him during the twenty twelve tool. I find it harder to understand how you can finish the tool then do understanding how bradley wiggins can win it. Kevin talked about the makeup of the muscles. The perfect balance between fast and slow twitch muscle fibers slow twitch muscles contract slowly but can keep going for a long time so they could for endurance fast twitch muscles contract quickly they away the speed comes from but they also tire quickly having the balance between the two it. What makes kevin dish athlete. He is endeared. Cycling anaerobic says ninety percent of the road cyclists condu- the muscle damage track sprinters. Do track sprint. Chris hoy goes so deep so arabic that they destroy they muscles but they can't suffer for a long time like a road cyclist track sprinting. Pain road cycling is suffering being a road sprint. Suffering i but still being able to inflict pain on yourself at the end. People think that we lazy that we don't do a stroke of work into the last two hundred meters but we have to get their first. Then be able to out fifteen hundred watts. Whatever alex dowsett. Who's lead out man from obvious star now. Says he finishes his lead out and he's absolutely finished he said i can't understand how you manage to sprint off to that. The thing is we're tired but we can still find that acceleration when it matters. Perhaps it's all the talk about muscles twitching or maybe it's a salty white bank but while kevin dishes stood in full flow. I fail. And i'm mistake Pain in the back of my cough without even thinking about it. I'll give a little yelp and leap out of my seat sending my chair toppling backwards a. You okay off. Kevin dish cramp. Yes yes. I wouldn't put before mumbling rather pathetically something about it being a warm day an explaining. Ibm for three hour bike. Ride that morning when he stopped laughing. He says. Point your toes a need your muscle with your thumbs hurts. But it stops to cramp here and the lesson on muscles a later. The two thousand fourteen tour started in harrogate his mum's hometown somewhere combination. You well from child had holidays with twenty. Five states wins to his name by now. Join the third on your time list with andre luke. There was nevertheless a big hole in his list of achievements. Cavendish would yet to pull on the my joan where better to do it than on british roads. On the opening day of the tour de france. it was a chapter written in advance. Us ragged behind. They realize cancel. Our mayor of to the surprise is often five hundred. Cavernous go to comedies. Too far down here. Cancel all is not gonna make it get let out by deg all been a crash is gone down. The line took whales at the breakaway. Goes clear now. And he's gonna be the second catholic challenge. Cates tried to go for the line here. It's gonna be a desperately close but it's gonna be the same as last year. Baugh sell kindle takes victory on the line on a gain as a result as a crash and that is a terrible scene for us on the road to your wheels mark in all sorts of trouble when it should have been a day of glory for. That's so sad. There was the tuck to his elbows. Cavernous leaning on simon gerrans and then the earth gave away and they both went down on the floor. No i think the first thing to specifies marxism. He's admitted he made a mistake. Today went for gap. That wasn't there. And he's he's code or it's gonna cool guarantees to apologize. He is number of rental. But i don't really see it as as being the problem tonight. I think it has been a bit of a recurring theme marks created when he has been struggling and bothered accounts. He seemed very very good form. But when i say struggling. I mean i'm when he's under pressure and he's the under pressure at the moment. East anyhow something to prove consensus seems to be the capital has the edge on him now so when he sort of straining I've always felt that he's more liable to take risks sometimes irresponsible race the example. That always come on these. The period in two thousand ten just before the toyota franz particularly toured switzerland where he comes involved in sort of infamous crush with heinrich. How slow and that to me. That year was symptomatic of martin. Not being in particularly good form really struggling to find his best. And you know. I've always thought that the day that the mob becomes a really a good lose is day. He'll start losing his edge. And an and part of it is about refusing to lose. And you know. And.

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