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Community. Also, Mr Speaker, we have fifty states we have fifty state governors. We have fifty secretaries of state whom I know my governor a secretary state have not been involved in this process. And it has a drastic impact not only up on the voting rights of the people in Georgia. But also on the budget of Georgia, the fiscal cost, Mr Speaker, I'd like to yield two minutes to my good friend and gentlemen, from Pennsylvania. Mr perry. Remember from Pennsylvania's recognized for two minutes. Thank you, Mr Speaker. And I thank the gentleman, Mr. louder milk for the time. And I to thank the majority leader for his comments. But I don't think it should it should be removed from history that that the governor of Alabama at that time ran on segregation multiple times ran on segregation. And it was the Republicans in this house. The majority percentage of Republicans that carried the day for the Voting Rights Act. Mr Speaker this Bill among other things forces states to count votes cast outside of voters assigned precinct. Just think about that. Vote for you over here. Even though I don't live there. That's going to be great at what we all want people that don't live in our neighborhoods voting for the people that decide our fates in our policies, Mr Speaker for the people act, that's what it's called. But I wonder which people is that the people here are the people out there. It seems like it's for the people here when powerful voices on the left and the right opposed. This Bill voices like the ACLU voices like the NRA and Planned Parenthood because Mr Speaker while you might want to contribute to one of those organizations because you believe in their cause you don't want the protest to show up on your doorstep. It's bad enough that it shows up the protest at Planned Parenthood or the NRA or the gun chair, whatever. But now the protest is gonna show up at your door at your door because the people that are opposed to the things you believe in. We're gonna find out you set your five bucks in. And they're gonna come to your door and say, well, I don't agree with you. I don't like you. And I don't think he should be spending your money on those things is that what we want an America. That's what this Bill does Mr Speaker. Essentially, it's going to empower the federal elections commission to carry out the actions of Lois Lerner and the rest during the last administration in an attempt to silence opposition to the politicians in the swamp in this place, regardless of which side, you're on I Geno vote for this Bill, Mr Speaker gentleman from Pennsylvania yields a balance of his time gentlemen from Georgia reserves, the balance of his time gentlewoman from California's now recognize chairman, I would like to yield to the gentleman from Rhode Island. Who has served so faithfully on the house homeland security committee, Mr Lange one minute gentlemen from rowlonin recognized for one minute..

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