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So my suggestion to you say you reached a video game and there's somebody who's already made this offense once we EA and the franchise and their sports franchises this to K. and one of sports franchises. So if you guys can hold out I would give. At. Let them see the Ding in those sales. That's the only way this is going to change because you know they could just turn off twitter. Okay. What twitter says you need to? Actually you know hit them in the pockets and I think that's only way to do. And put it nine bucks. If you bought a game, you don't like all the ads message them say I WANNA refund for this game I. Know If you bought it from best buy, they're not GonNa WanNa Refund game you open a played a misdemeanor. Hey, play this game. I. Didn't hear anything about all these ads and this is. Demeaning or ruining the quality of the game I demand a refund at least if they get enough messages from people about that, hopefully, they'll understand it. That's why people are unhappy with it. Totally totally good idea. That's how you've see changed as well as because they got enough responses to him but that does remind me guys when doing things like that either returning to store or when you're trying to talk to them on the phone remember the person are directly talking to is getting paid just to do their job. That's not the person who you need to get mad at any. Air Trying to effect change not yell at a person who is having a bad day at work as you're talking to just got to keep that in mind guys. All right we have boy talk about a person ready to yell at Jared, Leto turning has joker I'm going to go after John Did you jared leto joker in suicide squad now i. Appreciate the fact that he was trying to play a different job he did try to ruin the jokers that wrote in love with but the version of joke that he was attempting to play or effectively played or his acting altogether. I just didn't care for it at all. There's just no aspect of maybe an animated version of his type of joker would have been better. But himself and the way it was portrayed..

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