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This is nocturnal in the night is the perfect canvas from magic. As both the inner inner and outer terrain transform into something less recognizable the mind opens and spirits find a place to land the ancient Peruvian art of shamanism communism harnesses the mystery and power of darkness to aid. In the healing of those who suffer Eduardo. Calderon was a gifted Kuando Rondo or healer performing all night ceremonies meant to combat the disabling effects of witchcraft and sorcery. Stephen most was captivated by the charismatic charismatic Peruvian Shaman. I'm Steven most. I'm a writer and filmmaker. Many writers like right about what they know. Oh but I like to write about what I don't know and explore the world as writer and one of my great expirations in my life. Although I wasn't doing it explicitly as a writer later was going to Peru and meeting in order to tell the wrong so this is Mike in Poverty in the photo on the wall had Ordos Calderon. This is a sculpture. He gave me the owl of wisdom and wisdom system flies at night. As does ancient Peruvian shamanism. He was a student of agents Peruvian culture. He had a job creating freezes on the city of John. He recreated the the technique of the ancient not co-plotters. Eduardo became very famous as a shaman in Germany but also had been the in Peru L. Donyo sourcres cause harm and the kind of Shaman. That had Varda was is kind of white magic. That on does the evil spells Dell's caused by.

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