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Three all right so you guys know that china universities are striving for excellence while american. Universities are striving for equity Which means they are dumbing down our students but they're starting the left disrespecting even earlier. Now hat tip. Forgotten man oregon quietly scraps math reading requirements for high school grads in the interest of racial equality. So this governor. Kate brown of oregon signed a bill last month that drops the requirement that high school students prove proficiency in reading writing or math before graduating this. According to a report the governor has tried to avoid discussing senate bill seven. Forty four is what it's called with reporters because she signed it. She signed it on the deal. My guy her moved to sign. The bill was quote from oregon. The oregonian not public until recently because her office did not hold a signing ceremony or issue. A press will press release for two weeks due to a quarter of that. You can Exam that is exactly what she was thinking. Nancy pelosi monster carter See she claimed it was a glitch in the system or someone was sick But let's be real. She wanted to keep it low so on the l. so state lawmakers voted to approve the bill that suspended the requirements for students for three years for three years this according to k. a. T. you which. I guess is a local news station out there now. Listen to don. Doesn't the left. they always have the best The best names To destroy the country the foundations for a better oregon said in a statement at the time that the bill is intended to and i quote truly reflect what every student needs to thrive in the twenty first century. Excuse me students. Need illiteracy thrive in the twenty first century is. Is this where we're going. Some of this stuff is so crazy. I gotta laugh. So i don't cry. Supporters of the bill insists that considering math and reading essential skills has been an unfair challenge for students who do not test well. The report said the requirement was first suspended at the start of the but have no fears. They're going to continue to dumb down their students for the next three years. They know their students in this me talking now. They know their students offered through anxiety. Depression isolation loneliness. All those things They're gonna pile on by making their students dumber because this is what the left does. That's why we value them so much. the gop of course came out against the build. Even some democrats came out against building and they said hey. It's wrong to lower expectations for our children. Now there's some conservatives that would say. This is the soft bigotry of low expectations. No this is racism. It's much bigger. I think that's a nice phrase but it's much bigger than soft bigotry. I think this is straight up racism When i've talked to you real racism fake racism perceived racism. There's nothing soft about dumbing down minorities in this is exactly what they're trying to do as i get further into the story charles boyle the deputy communications director from brown's office told the oregonian an email that the staff from the governor's office informed legislative staffers about the bill signing on the day that it was passed he also said the new standards for graduation will help benefit who listen listen to this. I want you to listen to this. Because i want you to understand. What a disaster government. Schools are in america right now. Hopefully not the school that your child is going to but i. It seems that it's a growing number of schools that are just a public schools government schools. That are just becoming worse and worse and worse so he stated that the new standards for graduation will help benefits the states. Blacks latinos the latin x Indigenous asian pacific islander tribal and basically all students students of color. They didn't mention the white. Now i gotta tell you right off. The bat agents aren't gonna have any part of this crap. Asians don't play when it comes education especially if they're first generation they come to america. Their parents are like year behind gonna work. You're going to become a doctor. You're going to become this. They don't play but they look at look at how they look at blacks and latinos and look at how they look at minorities. They wanna be cool. The teachers want to be cool with the kids. The principles wanna be cool with the kids. This this governor. Kate brown wants to be light at what happened in her childhood to i. I there's gotta be something that set it off right something that triggered her to i mean she can't just be this stupid for absolutely no reason whatsoever. But blacks latinos indigenous basically minorities will suffer as a result of this. But they think they think they're doing a good thing but i'm not so sure about this. Do you guys remember black codes. You guys know. Apply coats are during reconstruction. The democrat party known as the kkk the terrorist wing of the democrat party known as the kkk and many democrats in the south refused to allow blacks to learn to read right all those types of things they were called. Black black codes g- You know the they were. They refused to allow blacks to have the freedoms under the bill of rights. That whites did now. So it's the same party. it's the same party. isn't that funny. How things change. Remember how i told you. The democrat party has traded in their whips and chains and all their abuse. They even trade in their ku klux klan Get ups.

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