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You all right all right. It's a special mail bag here with uncle key. It's just us now. Yeah it's just us. Can I make a clarification from from something that happens? So sure important clarification so Allie lascher put of inappropriate season three seven the fish bowl but one thing we never really addressed was She had put in the real world but then we ended up making the real world into MTV shows or trash that sort of evolved into that so this is replacing the real world. We wanted to let that be known. Okay he's not just getting a second spot. This is instead of there you. Are you sure that we're not just as hard okay? This is from Allie Asher. Yeah is coming from which I agree with the. It's instead so people are saying how come she gets her own spot. It's not this is a switch of that. We should have made a while ago. Van where can I can tell you? And we're this is a very different male this week. 'cause there's no wheelspin and we're vander paroles by the way no but I'm excited. I think it's a popular show. I think it's like it's like hey we're the vander pumps and these are ten rule every every week. There's one rule. No name is ugly. Noah goes yeah I I'm excited. I'm excited for vendors. Trump rules to find out the rules. And it's either episode seven so they're already like most the rules of it's probably like our constitution. Most the rules have been established. And they're just The the flintstones now that I hear the ball's rolling around the Yes that is the sound you hear. Yeah the You know one thing that sort of pertinent that I got a lot. We have got a lot of feedback this week as the idea. We've had bouncing around where we call people at like midnight or late at night. Podcast titled You up. You remember that idea Yup. We had a lot of positive feedback like hundreds of people on twitter. Not that I care about listener feedback hundred people on twitter saying we should really do that. It's almost like a separate podcast. That I know next week has already we already have our podcast locked in. But so are we where we announced the night there were calling people It's up to you and we could announce it or we could post and like. Hey if you're I guess we announce because we don't wake people up who are asleep Jimmy exam. It'd be that okay. I'll be a person who's WHO's sleeping. Well you're not sleeping you pay. It's it's we're going to call people night okay. All right What your name is Ben? Your name is Ben Jones. I'm Kiva and Rob Zero. Okay okay. I'M GONNA go ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Alot. Hey It's Robin Kiva wet. You're playing rob and Ben. I thought I was GONNA play Akiva. Rob You're playing. Well why would you play me? Well me but you're in the background like your data. You're talking but like it's confusing. If you're Ben and Rob. I think it's more. It's less confusing of America. And what if I do a different voice? Yeah do Bendon. Different voice please. Okay Hey this is key is this ban has been there. Yeah Hey this is Ben. Hey banner are you up. Yeah I'm a Another now I think rob would ask them something Ben. So hey what's what's going on at your house. Nothing okay all right anything interesting. You got the podcast. Yeah I guess so. I try to keep my weight. My wife from yes. So he can't be people sleeping in the same room. It has be people who live alone or something A bed I have a question for you. Yeah how do what do you think about You know like what's go- are you working from home or do you have to go to work have you been? Have you been furloughed? I guess that's a bad question right. Yeah Yeah Yeah So. I think I'm just a little bit. Like what are we doing with these people when we we're just having conversations? I think people a lot of people are lonely right now. They're bored. I live with five of their people and I'm still the most board I've ever been. Why don't we let those people call us we are? They're calling us. They're submitting calling strange like we're saying we're going to call people at midnight if you want to be called. Give us your number and we'll call five or ten of those people Or we can and we could have a number but I think it's. It's not we up. It's it's you up so we're calling them I think it's I think it'll be interesting. I think to do at once like see what people are doing. We call a couple of our friends and we could call some strangers I Dunno it just feels like the right time to do. So what are you hoping for? Give me your best case scenario just to have interesting conversations with people. Yeah we'll see what people are going through. See what people are thinking about Maybe even have thing like Your number also like something you want to talk about. So maybe there's something in particular we want to talk to someone about. You know like like suggests that discussion topic. Okay I don't know I kind of like Like tells in the you WanNa talk about. Yeah Yeah like people they have a pre planned. Because sometimes we're putting people on and they're like nerve on. The guy wasn't expecting you to call me being up in the middle of the night. I feel for you. Just like your. It's your daytime. I think it would be like eight or it would have to be the night free but doesn't have the middle. It could be like eight or nine for you because most of our listeners on the east coast okay. All right I bet early I mean. Do you do like you up at ten winter tapping hours? I don't know like seven. Pm Pacific and PM Eastern. Yeah I don't know what's happened Arizona. All right can we put it on the wheel? I don't if you don't like it. Don't don't let don't hold it for a week. Okay but I will say it was. It was as much love for any sort of twitter idea that we've had seventy five episodes. I think people like the idea more than the idea. Yeah totally fair totally fair anyway. So this week we're doing something different. What are we doing rob all right? We're GONNA go through wheels waiting room These are the ideas that we have gone through. We've said let's let's hold onto that. Let's put in the waiting room okay. it's up seventy five. We haven't done this in a while. We used to do what every ten episodes. It's been a minute so we're GONNA do some cleaning today. Yeah and hopeful story. Yes spring-cleaning will throw some of these out. Maybe we'll put a one or two of these are tendencies on the wheel. Yes okay all right so how you WanNa do this. We got about Uh is this. Is this really about fifty fifty ideas together. Yeah yes well. We'd have to go through all them right now. We'll find some the strike. Your fancy you're looking. You can pick some okay. Fine what's in development Akiva in development. We HAVE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE. Podcast please please keeps the bidding for that. We definitely need a few more of those but we had a few dozen suggestions. So far mistake you've ever made you could find that on twitter. Search Kief Twenty six biggest mistake. You'll find it a best friend finder. We have listeners who What three matched up with a new best friend Lindsay? Wilson's handling that. I don't have a up to date update on that but I know we've made a lot of friends couples. I don't know if they you know our our friends if their enemies now. I don't know what's going on with that What else we meet me in the middle was banned. Remember read it said. Do not do meet me in the Middle. So then it's on pause. Yeah it's that's on pause ought to truths and a lie unnecess- handling that I believe she that should be ready soon. Then development That's I think that's it and Robin exposed. Which was the Clear Hit by a car. Clair's looking through clips. But we we discussed this last week. Right the Robin Cuba Expos yet. We wonder how good that might be the clips. I so I need to circle back with Claire and all right. So let's see. I think we can go through something. Pretty Quick Missy dating game that's going to be on pause. Yeah for sure. Okay unless you want to go to. His House and maybe get quarantined for two weeks beforehand. Akitas mystery episode two in theory. That's an easy one to do now. I don't even. I don't think I've ever said it to me but I don't remember might have do you watch. I said on the PODCAST. And it's just not the mystery episode anymore. Sure it was. It was an episode called is Akiva cool. And we're just GonNa ask everyone who knows me if I'm cool and it was gonna be like edited together. It wouldn't be like live on air. Yeah it was going to be like a Lindsey Wilson join you can ask my parents like Michael go back to like childhood friends and say like was. Akiva cool then. I think that's again more cute than it is a good podcast. Okay all right. Well listen I have been working on it so for me. Okay so we could also will could not talk. Yeah okay okay. Hgtv shows are trash. I don't think anybody's super excited if that okay Husband know it alls I. Yeah I mean I could have a problem doing that. What is that podcast? We're giving advice the husbands you. Yeah we'RE GIVE. We're giving spat. We're giving spouse advice people right in with with like a loved one questions and we are the husband no at all. I'd that's funny to me. I put that on the wheel right now. Well here's the thing. I feel like that. If husbands are writing to us for advice we can only get bad advice. That's going to get either. Us cancelled or the husbands cancelled. He'll like that. We should have like a wife here to answer husband questions of what will we probably know the same stuff that the guy? That's writing knows right but the branding wise. I think it's Funnier to call it. Husband nodoze it doesn't have to just be husband's like spouse know it alls or relations like Kingman love note. All's that handles taste should wives right in questions about their husband and we can have. That would be funnier of. Why is my husband do this? Yeah I'd rather hear from wives and husbands. I think I think that that's fun. Yeah but anyway. I think we should have one wife on a panel to say you guys are idiots. You're only wife's I gotta wife say I feel like whatever wives we would get to be on the podcast would enjoy being here much more than either of our actual not our wives. Yeah wouldn't be. Our wives are was willing to come in the podcast. We wouldn't need plenty of lives. That like this podcast. Yeah there's at least like ten wives. That listened yeah and they don't actively dislike this podcast and root against it. Yeah they probably like us more than our own wives. The people who look like a wife who listens every week. They're probably bigger fans of US. Probably work from us. I mean if they knew US personally they would probably be in the same. Obviously anybody who knew me personally would get sick of me very quickly. I think the right amount to know me as like hear me on a podcast and like see me twice a year. That's like the perfect amount to know me. If that was the relationship that my wife had with me then she could only be more fond. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I'll let comeback after being away for a few weeks. I'm Oh oh yeah I forgot. That's why I didn't miss you Yeah we're GONNA it's like. Oh yeah all right husband. O'donnell's I-i've should I put out a form? So we see if we get good questions. I don't know how do we do that. Yeah I think he's having fun. That'd be fun okay. I'll I'll put out a form for that all right Mary. Kate nationally mystery. What do you think about that so I believe this was a frail? Mary idea uh-huh did she did. She fits that That we were going to like. Was it a movie or we're going to try to solve it by just a little behind the scenes. I did ask for Mary when we started this mailbag segment for a fan fiction update. So let's see if that comes in before maybe that she's Uh has so much on her schedule these days that she can't get to fan fiction or maybe she's got nothing under schedule. Maybe she's working from home or something and she's only working the APP. That's of we'll see we'll see. I don't know Mary Kate. And Ashley Olsen idea not super excited about no no tag knock it off. Knock off cut it out..

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