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The music performed the music for the award winning amazon prime series man in the high castle you've had compositions on reaching for the stars and behind the sun you've done so much and now you're the voice behind a brand new ride in tokyo disneyland. How did that come to be. And how exciting is that just you know. I have always been a realistic dreamer. I you know. I don't set. I was taught by my beloved mugger. Not to set a limit on anything so You know. I when the bigger bigger auditions like disney or the amazon on. You know a lot of people would just You know. I just not gonna you know even by going because i don't think we're going to you know get that job but when the opportunity came i answer and then i just go and then do the audition and just go for it. And i was Really really stunned. Very sweetly surprised when the producers called and said. Hey we pick shoe and and It's it's it's really wonderful to be able to create a bridge between my voice in the audience and if they can get especially like in garate to music. It's really personal. you know. it is very personal. The this music is very personal and the night feel every time i hear it even myself i feel like i am connecting with the audience and i thinking that audiences are feeling the same that that we felt when we as we wrote and composed via this music while rico is that ride up and running l. Yes oh that must be so exciting for frank. I know that you have created the lyrics. Well i don't know if it's just a not not the lyrics you created a song. I guess you composed the whole song. Did you for suicide prevention video. Podcast what i'm thinking of is a ninety minute suicide prevention video podcasts. That you have been creating and it's called stay alive. Tell us how you came to create this. This podcast well again. Rachel and i created the song together and we created the video documentary with a couple other people. Basically the it's a conversation with a world famous psychiatrist by the mark golson is ucla. For many years and a special is a specializes in suicide prevention. In fact In his thirty years never lost a patient to suicide. He has a dialogue on this ninety minute documentary with radio and with another fellow this kind of well known. His name is kevin hines. That's the man who jumped off the golden gate bridge and live. And so it's a it's basically a message of education for people who love those are deep stress a message of hope of finding purpose and it's available stay alive video dot com by the way on online if you choose to But the the song as i say rako came up with this beautiful music about finding a a reason to live and we use the metaphor of a semi colon which is the symbol of those who have been touched or challenged by suicide in their lives or for themselves or with others and so we use that as kind of the starting for the metaphor and build from there and say created a song that we hope is inspirational and also used in the documentary film. Stay alive video dot com so mindful tribe. Check it out at that. You are l. because It sounds like it's a very powerful video and song. I'm really looking forward to check that out myself. i I want to ask a question about bullying rako. Have you ever been bullied. I always ask a question about this on my program. Because i've worked in bullying prevention for almost twenty years and i always ask a question about whether you have a story related to bullying where. Mindfulness would have made a difference. Do you have a story rico. I do it's a quite opposite. I was ball. I was a bully. Because i felt i. It's a long story and other talk show. He but i felt very quite powerless at home growing up in an elementary school in japan. And don't get me wrong not my parents. My parents are amazing. They provide it so much love and everything that i needed especially. My mother was just love and affection she. It just went thousand percent for her children. It's something was going on at home that i was. I felt powerless. And i took it out on the other children in school. I was like in the popular goal. Group should say and i was just being so angry that i took it out at But what i did was. I somehow knew maybe because of my mother i knew i was doing something wrong. Even though you know at age of ten or whatever and i will go visit all the kids that i bullied at school privately after school and say i'm gonna help you with your homework or this not as long as you don't tell anyone and i did that for many years until i realized that i should make a change and i guess as a child. I meditated and a night kind of you know. My mom helped me through Agreeing up out the puzzles and putting the pieces together that you know I am doing the same thing to other kids that i am getting at you know from the adults around home or the near and so i. Two wrongs don't make right so i stopped bullying and then just went to way of be in there as a voice for the week. And you know because by saving them. I felt like i was saving myself. I don't know if you if you get the idea. Yes i do. I definitely get the idea. Well thank you for sharing that. I really appreciate it. You have frank. I wanna talk to you a little bit more for our audiences benefit about the benefits of meditation. And i know that something you talk about. Can you tell us why you think. More people in the world should meditate. Well if going to what. You're talking about a moment ago. It just has this wonderful of value in a kind of leveling the field for all of us in terms of our daily experience. Our happiness in the moment notwithstanding our economic circumstances whether we.

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