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The season. Rush kind of question is that. Man can't win on the road. On the road. Rob. Can we get rob out of Seattle? Just kill get him some coffee and make sure the Rob's going. I'm a little concerned that rob took this loss way too hard when you cover the team all the time he a little bit of Stockholm central lose. I feel like we lost all together I'm being held captive by this team. This isn't fair. Yeah. This is actually if you think about it what Aaron Rodgers should've said when he asked that question is there any hope for the season. Oh asked me about that. We're not going to. We're not gonna do that. I need at some point. We need to find out if rob is. Okay. So let's get our staff to make sure Packers intrepid reporter, rob democracy is okay. Because I'm getting a little concern about his well-being. How crush took that the reason we got off that tangent is because we're talking about static at the Academy Awards, and you guys obviously this NFL podcasts. I don't get to see very often because we work on separate schedules. The way it works here. If you're not on the same timeframe of somebody you could go almost years without seeing them. Right. So I wanted to ask you about a couple of movies that I've seen recently love him. I love the move. Now. I might a huge documentary guy. Yeah. So I told you about Agnelli the HBO documentary about the guy who wants Fiat, which I saw half of those flight flight anything, but but excellent recommendation by you know, idea about the backstory behind Italy. Yes. Exactly, literally one sense. If you believe what they say what they say the document Astra. It's pretty amazing. But the other one that I watch recently was three identical strangers. Yeah. Which blew me away. Now, I can't give it away Costanza hasn't seen it. But there's an amazing plot twists in that movie that really you like that really happened. Although when you talk to me about you did say, you you quickly surmise what happened with the plot? There's if you just following along how come similar this is not like the other for the story flows. You're unaware is that and it starts out great. It's a documentary came out this summer should be available now I- cetera. But there's a guy telling a story about going to college keeps calling him by another name, and everyone feels that they know him and girlfriends are hugging him as what's going on here and eventually talks one because oh my God, you've been identical brother. He went to school here because we're going to go right now, and they go, and they meet the guy. Imagine a funny a brother B's identical brother story makes waves and then there's a third brother because hey, I'm actually related to you guys to their identical twins identical triplets that were all put up for adoption through this one agency, and they all went to separate families. And there's a twist behind that as well, which is really crazy. Anyway, highly highly recommend that. Donahue and stuff. They're all the same. Yeah. L smoke the same cigarettes. Yeah. All the same taste in women. Yeah. And older. Exactly. I mean, it's it's it's you could tell that they were from day one. They just when they got back together, they were in sync the other we want to ask you about which I saw, and I was very hyped to see it was Baheen rhapsody haven't seen it. But I heard rally Malik is excellent. He's phenomenal. He's in line Academy Award nomination for best actor Bradley Cooper is going to win for stars. But ROY Moxham nominated. But I heard the movie is a real average mediocre rendition. And if you're a Queen fan, you'll like the music, you won't appreciate the fact they took liberties with the story. Well, listen any any movie that says based on a true events is space is will just say ninety percent of this is made up. That's the way it goes. Right. A buddy of mine produced the movie, American hustle. Yeah. And which is also based on a true story sort of. But the best part the tagline the beginning of that show is some of this stuff actually happened. They were embracing the fact that we took some liberties here. So I expect that from from a pseudo dot com. Henry about that. But I thought it was really entertaining. I didn't love it as much as I thought I was going to love it. Right. But I did really like it. You're Queen fan. Yeah. Absolutely. You'll stop me now. How about Mike? Mike Myers has a cameo in their rates me wraps critical. The Wayne's world. Yeah. That was the funny. Part one's there's a line and Mike Myers playing a wreck a record eight no one's going to be rocking out in a car to the song. And of course in Wayne's world. They are racking rocking out to bohemian rhapsody fight to get that song Wayne's world because the licensing issue don't grow up at Scarborough, Ontario Toronto he goes that's the song. We play this. Exactly. We did. So. I wanna I wanna hear your review of rhapsody FTSE. All right. I want hear I wanna get more guys. Good news. Yeah. Louis Riddick ready is he really let's go. Let's bring in Louis Riddick. Are you spend on NFL front office insider as he joins us every week Lou first and foremost since he's your guy where are you on Patrick Mahomes? Putting catch up on macaroni cheese? That's the critical question. Man. I've never heard of that one before. I mean, I kinda got me caught me off guard. But look, I don't care. You put it on whatever he wants as long as he's slinging that ball all over the field. He can do whatever you're not gonna get me to say anything bad about my guy. I I tried. It is different though. I didn't haven't you been bragging about a MAC and cheese tray. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I would never I would never drown that MAC and cheese and ketchup though that can what is that? Why why why were you? So proud of that dish. Okay. We did. The gesture I apologize for those that were listening yesterday. We'll do this again. Yeah. We're getting the kids are coming home for the holidays. We're making the MAC and cheese in the house, and there was one year where a Janice had gone away. And I had because for every Sunday for seven years all the kids came to the house to watch football. And we made chili MAC and cheese. And we all had this was the last Sunday in their senior year the NFC NFC championship game championship Sunday. So dang it. It was the last time they're all going in the house watching football. So I stepped up and made the MAC and cheese and to this day. It's one of my proudest accomplishment. Hey, man, I'm a MAC and cheese guy once made this magazine seized eight six years later, it's one of your proudest trae, I'm happy for you. Thank you. All right. So I would never drown that and catch up. That's the most important. But more importantly, how concerned are you? Now at what's going on in Green Bay? 'cause look Seattle kept their hopes their season alive. I got there in there in there in this thing now and the Packers still are in the division because they've already beaten the bears once but how concerned are you with what you're seeing on the field on the football field. Look, I I think the Packers right now are just gonna wind up having to play out the rest of their schedule. I just don't think offensively. There's a lot of creativity with this offense. I was I was sitting there typing some notes while. I was watching this game preparing for today for to be on TV. And I'm sitting there going, you know, what everything with the Packers offense to me always predicated and look so dependent upon Aaron doing something that just looks like backyard football, nothing really seems to happen by design or by schedule or within rhythm in this offense. And I think that is something that I think that management is going to take a hard look at because there's too much smoke surrounding this team as far as him being. Unhappy with the play design play calling you know as far as how they utilize the weapons that they have on this office because when you look at the perimeter players that they have it's not always be about Aaron making some throw where we go man aired is legit, man. Aaron is so special because it's never about the offense itself. Kind of creating opportunities for people. It's always about something that he has to do that looks so spectacular. Now. How much of that is him you'll making things harder than they need to be. How much is that being the offense not being very creative? I think there's some things that really are going to maybe come to the bubble to the surface. Once this season is over because on paper this team is more talented than what's what they show I believe particularly on offense. And then from the defensive side of the ball. There. They've spent a lot of invested a lot in terms of draft capital to try and improve that side of the ball. And I mean, it has it has paid some dividends. But overall this team right now, there's another team that division that has caught up to them very very quickly and mainly because their quarterback now is looking very good. And I think that team in cargo is going to be the team that wins the north without a doubt. Mitchell trubisky. Definitely had a schedule is the defense bolstered by the MAC acquisition, which Golic and wingo right now on ESPN radio and ESPN two Adnan Virk Lewis hell at the Seahawks. No, they're not the Seahawks of a couple of years ago. Obviously the Rams the class of that division, but they actually win a late close game which has been a problem for them recently as speaker being relied to their quarterback too often hoping for Russell Wilson to make things happen inside the twenty. But how do you feel about Seattle has a playoff team? Yeah. I think they're going to be one of those teams, and that's going to be fighting for one of the wild card spots. I think they will be in the mix. You know, they right now. The truth be told are really back to what they want to be one talk to Pete Carroll this off season at the combine, you know, he was adamant that they wanted to return to their roots. They wanted to return to their original identity, which was without debt. Without a doubt a run first run Centric offense that then built off of that run game in order to kind of hit teams the playoffs in passing game and play solid defense Trudeau what they have always done. Obviously the legion of boom is not there anymore. They're not the same dominant defense they are anymore. But as they were in the past, but they do have some some quality players, but the side of the ball. I think he's getting back to what what they want to be the identity of this team the character of this team the personality of this team looks like what he wants it to be. I don't know if you know as you alluded to in the beginning. I just don't know if they have enough firepower, especially from a big play perspective to continue to do battle with some of the other high teams in the NFC that will ultimately get them, you know, in contention to maybe be NFC title contenders. But I like how this football team plays. I like how they reconstructed it this be it'll be interesting to see a P kinda sticks around to see it all play itself out and get them back to where they were before. Yeah. It's amazing to think that Pete Carroll is just continued rock at the age of what sixty eight six it's palace brave. I mean, his energy is ridiculous. Louis Riddick with us or NFL insider Levy on bell situation has played out. He's not going to he's not going to be there. Obviously, we'll see what happens going forward. I to question. I want to get to you on that. First of all it's talked about the Steelers team in general. It's amazing how they sort of navigated through this and come out stronger on the other side of this. This is a team that has been really good for a long time. But has had the bugaboo of not being able to beat New England. Do we feel like this is a different Steelers team? Now this year. Yeah. It'll it'll be interesting to see trae. I mean because you know, when when the patriots need to play their best they play their best. They find out what your weak points. Are they find out what your what your Boehner abilities are exploiting? We'll see if the Steelers have kind of address those vulnerabilities mainly and that being covered in the on the second and third level. The defense that being coverage bus inconsistency in the secondary. That has always been a problem for them when it comes to a team like New England, and Tom does absolutely slices and dice them up. We've seen it in the playoff year after year after year. This team does seem though to have taken something from the whole Levy on bell saga and turned it into a positive in terms of galvanizing this football team, and that is largely due to most times the locker room leadership that they have on the ground level. And obviously the leadership that's being provided by the head coach who can say what you want about Mike Tomlin. He is a dynamic dynamic leader. Who people want to follow him wanna listen to and want to kind of adopt. His message. This football team seems to have adopted his message, which is just worry about the players that are here..

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