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The. Okay. It's Marie Forleo. And this is the podcast version of our word winning show. Marie TV. Now, the video version has some useful and entertaining visuals. So if you want to check that out go to Marie Forleo dot com forward slash Marie TV, real find this and hundreds of other episodes. Thanks so much for listening. Hey, it's marine for Leo. And you are watching Marie TV the place to be to create a business in life, you love and this whole thing. Jig CUNY to stay you. And I as in cues, let's do this. Today's question comes from D. And she writes, hi, Marie. I'm a follower from India since I was a young girl. I wanted to start my own business travel the world and make a name for myself and more today at three one I've achieved most of that. So my question is what do you do after your dreams? Come true. How do I get the same drive and passion I had when I was twenty four before. I achieved all my goals. Ten realized my dreams d this is a fantastic question. Something so many of us can relate to we set some goals. We achieved them, and then we look around and say is this all there is you may know this already, but it certainly bears repeating we human beings need more than just a cheating. Our goals to be happy. We need to constantly challenge. Ourselves we need to learn and. Grow, and we need to contribute to others. But here's the most important thing that we need. We need a compelling vision for our future as Rosa Beth moss Kanter said, and yes, it's a tweet will. A vision is not just a picture of what could be it's an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more. I'd love to ask you d what's your long-term vision? What kind of things do you want experience in your life over the next five ten twenty or thirty years? What kind of things do you want to do in this world? How do you want to make an impact is it through your family's at through some creative endeavor? Is there some problem that you wanna see solved or try this one on for size? Imagine yourself far far far into the future on your deathbed because yes, some day were all going to be there describe the kind of life you want to look back on what do you wanna do with your life? How will you've spent the decades that you've been here on the surf these questions can help stimulate your imagination and reignite your dreams because I believe that each of us has a deep inner hunger for something more, and that every single one of us is here for a reason. Now d- I don't know if you. I believe in God some higher creative force or the universe. But if you're open to it. I would also suggest asking for guidance and be open to receiving it. I'm born and raised Catholic girl in my twenties. I remember journaling into God, particularly when I felt stuck and I would say you gave me gifts. I'm here to use them. God show me the way and speaking of the early twenties don't discount hormones as a possible factor for all that passion, you had at twenty four the same thing that makes you wanna go out dancing all night and do other things all night. Brings a lot of passion to everything else you're into now. I'm not saying you can't recapture that feeling, but you gotta admit we all have a little bit of an extra helping hand when we're young. It's kind of like hamburger helper except as made a hormones. Hey. I like that. That's my eighty year. Q. D let us know how it goes. Now, I would love to hear from you. Have you ever reached all of your goals and had a is this all there is moment? What did you do to get reinspired? And even if you haven't I believe all of us need, a bigger vision for our future. And I would love to hear yours as always the best stuff happens after the episode over at Marie folio dot com. So go there and leave a comment now, did you like this video if so subscribe and share it with your friends, and if you want even more great resources to create a business in life that you love plus some personal insights for me that not only talk about any male. Get your buns over to Marie Forleo dot com and sign up for Email updates stay on your game and keep going for your dreams the world needs that special gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching. And I'll catch you next time on Marie TV.

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