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Yeah i stemmed it i actually inherited when i came aboard in two thousand five but uh our predecessors used lettered braves and uh with the help of come folks i tweaked it to go back to more numerical more easily understandable uh you know kind of a situation but how we do it very differently is that a couple of the other publications that ranked courses use individual criteria for each raider or panelist to evaluate a golf course we don't use any individual criteria and that's what makes it so different how i look at that because i participated in those two utter uh ways of doing things when you use individual criteria if i say okay um let's go to a restaurant or let's go to a movie all right we want we finished up with a great movie we come out of the theater and he go did you did you like that film how'd you like it where did you rank with you in typically you say after a movie yeah was off how come oh well it was just had a great thought or the scenery and special effects were amazing and and you youth reasons to justify it you don't come out of the movie theater saying well i get cinematography at seven out of ten and a give the acting on nine out of ten and then i give the special effects uh nine point five out of ten and then you add them up that's just not the way we do things when we come out of a movie or restaurant and so i think golf magazine and how they do it for course rankings uh kind of uses the overall approach.

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