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But ultimately it was not selected to go forward. Well, we've got all kinds of this digital coins. Which one do you pick? To be the one that eventually lasts out. Yeah, I mean a bit going. I will say that Bitcoin has a backing. And I and I say that because Bitcoins on the futures market, you Khun Trade Bitcoin in the futures market that is I was shocked when they did that. I can. No, no, no. Why? Why would you do it? The futures market, remember because they were like, Yeah. All right. The wealthy if they see something that You know where they where they can actually make money? That's that's exciting enough that people were trading it. Why did they move it to the You know, obviously, this is this is you couldn't consider this a future. Because it doesn't It's not tangible. It's not a commodity, right? All right, but in the futures market, we do. We've got the euro in the dollar mix, right we've got we've got some of the forex in there. We've got some of the stocks in there like the indexes and Bitcoin, which, of course you would would be in between. I don't know, stock and and ah, currency right it just for people out there thinking that Bitcoin is just going to go away. Someday it's gonna be a lot harder to get rid of Bitcoin. Then, Okay, it might be, And that's that It might be all right, but But the fact is and yeah, it's it's in the futures market, but it's there because Because the wealthy can use leverage and used and trade it at a at a far discounted tax rate. Yes, and I think that's that's the point. Um, but Ultimately, if the US came out with its own currency, and remember, why do we have the currency we've got. It's because that's the only currency you can pay taxes with Now, if we never get to the point where you can pay taxes with Bitcoin, it's going to be awfully hard to have that as thie universally accepted currency so If the U. S came out with its own digital currency, competing with Bitcoin, I'm not going to give Bitcoin a whole bunch of hope for a long longevity. No, I wouldn't either, but something that is weird. And I was talking about this earlier with some people. There are Bitcoin. I don't want calm ATMs, but they're like little money machines in a couple of gas stations where I live. Oh, yeah, They're trying and I don't understand what they do there. Is it, Holly, Do you only put money into Bitcoin and that's it. You can't take Don't I'm not sure you don't actually. A coin into this machine, and that's kind of the problem right until it's it's accepted a 20% of the I don't know 2020% of the market. It's gonna be hard that it's the old parade does law. Right once he had 20% now it's It's a thing. Where where you're going to be able Teo get to it in the future. All right, well, Bitcoin hasn't hit there yet. And so maybe it will in the future, but until then, any time you're buying those those type of things just understand this might not be a long term thing. There's going to be a consolidation. That makes sense. Yeah, totally. Alright, so, but there are things that you could do to still take advantage of what's there? Without taking all 100% of the risk. Yes, and those of the strategies that we teach in that three hour class. It's It's part of you know how we introduced the risk management. Into what's out there and what you can do in the market where the opportunities are in the market, how to take advantage of opportunities, but still control some of your risk, right? Yeah, so the potential that you may not know is there Yeah. And most people don't If you would like toe learn a little bit more about howto control that risk. Just come to one of our classes again. Call 8 84 48 Trader. That's a 4487 23 37. Again if you come to class with in this next week, show us you know, at the end of class Show us here. I voted sticker. We're going to give you a free fire Kindle seven as part of Ah, part of Hey, thank you for voting. All right. The one last thing that we want to talk about really fast is alternate energy stocks right there on the rise again and there on the rise because in the polls, at least in the popular media, it looks like Biden's ahead. No. If Biden weren't ahead, guess what would be going on with the with the alternate energy stuff? There would not be going like nothing and and I think oil would actually be going up a little bit. Maybe that's why oil is kind of selling off a little bit is because we're seeing potentially by could be the president, and he's goingto shut down the oil. That's right. During the debates, he said. I'm going to get rid of oil. Now. That's actually not something that he Is going to do all right. So much of our economy is oil or oil products, but even limiting that or even going in and and again giving that government backing to the alternate energy is going to give it a bump. Yeah. How Beit temporary bump, but it's something to look at in the future and again what we want to do. Is, If you see, I don't know if if you're trained in a good methodology and concede that large industry the big buyers are getting into it, all right, then you're going to know that they're going to be pushing that up the market makers, right? So give us a call. Come to class to see you know, to figure out how to see that again. It's our introductory class pit. But give us a call You Khun Reserve a seat by calling 84 48 trader. It's a 4487 23 37 again. That's 84487 23 37 or.

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