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Such as sorry i had a rich betsy joke about a joke about her waking up under and he's a package a cashmere sweater but then i was like i don't wanna do it but then i just did it so i hope everyone's happy hope everyone's happy okay here is was contributing to these lowfrequency offenders heavy drinking pressure to have sex believing in the mid that no means yes hang out with other dudes who have hostile attitudes towards women men who are rows by rate porn and narcissism um and repeat offenders are far more nefarious they spend tales of rejection in high school and college as they become more successful they get back at the women who wouldn't have sex with them in the first place as punishment because the power of being able to like flip this dynamic turns them on and they become fucking predators and the and boiling this whole thing down is these guys don't believe they are the problem they don't they see they understand rape they understand what other people do it they do not understand it when they do it so the outlook with w we all know betsy devos is like basically taken the federal government out of any kind of regulatory uh whatever position in campus assault like she's basically like on the wrong side of history so i doubt she's ever heard any of these studies because quite frankly i haven't either rare arnon and unfortunately in order to stop the stuff we have to know these what what's happening and this is just the beginning of it and we'd need to read more we need to know war and we need to make sure that these guys recognized what they're doing because and i know that they're starting to teach consent in elementary school now um which is great we need to get through to the guys who are doing it now and they need to see what they're what they're what they're doing at the harm that they're causing and the fact that they are ap actually the monsters.

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