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Did not come up with any evidence. Leading to Jamie best Gators say they have fielded fourteen hundred tips to this point. And if cleared eleven hundred of them authorities planning to hold a news conference this afternoon. Ryan burrow, ABC news. The winning one and a half billion dollar mega millions ticket was sold at a convenience store and Simpson Ville South Carolina, the state's lottery director Tony Cooper tried to explain the excitement in their office. Probably explain it. I'd have to make up some words, I'm gonna call it pandemonium John Mayer recommending the ticket holders sign the ticket, then hire an attorney and a financial consultant a pretrial hearing for Jeremy Krisztian wrapped up today in Portland Christians, accused of murdering in these murder that is in the stabbing deaths of two men on a max trained in Portland last year, his attorneys want the death penalty removed as a possible sentence. Among other motions, the Oregon Health authority is proposing a so-called syntax on cigarettes, beer, and wine. If approved prices on those products linked praise. Thomas Cremer, owner of on bike brewing and Hillsborough tells KTAR news. He's already paying attacks on each barrel of beer that he sells. I think it'd be best. If they included it into the O el-sisi tax on beer that I'm already paying tobacco would be taxed an extra two dollars per pack for beer and wine. It would raise the cost. Ten percent OH is also looking for a way to tax e cigarettes, those proposals to be considered by next year's Oregon legislature by people died in crashes on Portland road. So far this month in the Portland bureau of transportation's teamed up with the Portland police for crosswalk enforcement starting today at certain intersections drivers who don't stop for pedestrians crossing the street. It'll be cited porn resident Troy Deisler tells K two names he believes the city's traffic is a cause for people getting hit. I just think there's a lot of traffic 'cause there's a lot of pedestrians assist. Congestion. Today's enforcement will be at northeast eighty fifth and sandy boulevard this month. Two people were hit while walking across the street to others were on their motorcycles one was on a bike twenty-seven people have. Dining crashes in Portland. So far this year launch mutes take time for your family and ABC's. Daria Albinger, says it's causing some people to change their jobs. Tired of your commute where people are on the road. More people are working commutes are lengthening McDonald, executive director at Robert Half, which found a quarter of people leave their jobs because of it can go down when there's a bad kid stress can be added to one's life. He says employers can offer their team members solutions to ease that Strauss or mass transit passes pain for parking or subsidizing the parking carpoolers van services. Don't always make them come in telecommuting options are huge in a way to reduce stress. Daria Albinger, ABC. News. Wall Street losses today, douse currently down four hundred twenty points. Nasdaq is down to fifty three the s and p's down sixty. KNX.

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