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Celebrated photo editor john morris who commissioned and publish many iconic images from the 20th century has died in paris at the age of one hundred jason k looks back on his life john morris rose to prominence as life magazines london photo editor during the second world war when he oversaw robert capa series of photographs of the d day landings known as the magnificent eleven during the 1960s and 70s he worked at the new york times where he successfully fought for striking images of the vietnam war to appear on the front page among them nick arts napalm go and eddie adams's photograph of the saigon police officer shooting a suspected the common sergent in the head and lifelong pacifist he later said i've always believed in showing how ugly wall is jason k bbc news hello i'm thelia hatton and welcome back to the world this week this week it's all about leaders the french president emmanuel macron looked on as libya's rival leaders reached a peace deal fewer smiling faces in brussels as the eu threatens to punish poland for reforming its judicial system and two tech billionaires mark zuckerberg and ilan musk disagree upper possible threats posed by the next frontier in computing artificial intelligence but first to china are ordinary people this week received a shock reminder and the elite political dramas that play out behind to closed doors many had assumed that china's communist leaders we're moving in an orderly fashion towards a major party conference later this year at that meeting china's unsmiling president xi jinping is expected to unveil the next generation of men always men that will take over we mr seat is supposed to step down in 2002 anti2 normally we be hearing whispers by now hints as to who might get a coveted fees on china's politburo standing committee the men who rule but instead the list of possible rulers was shortened this week we learned that one of the parties rising stars and then aimed syndrome tie was being investigated for corruption i asked the bbc's beijing correspondent stephen mcdonnell to explain why the news with such a surprise he's the most senior serving politician to have been purged so far he was even spoken of as a possible leader a one of the top two leaders of the country in the.

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