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Then in the sixty five degrees swing between. That is amazing. I mean, even for you. When you look when you see something a shift like that. That's crazy, right? I've worked in this business for fifty years. This is one of the most interesting and unique cold snaps that I've seen this thing if diving into the area almost full intensity will have forty eight hours below zero on the thermometer. And from all indications seventy six hours where the wind chills are below zero. And that's about to commence tonight. And we'll run nonstop into Thursday night. The seventy two hours of subzero readings will run from tomorrow evening around six o'clock to about six o'clock on Thursday evening. Even though we'll have subzero temperatures in the morning before that will warm you call warming to single digits tomorrow. And then the winds pick up in the afternoon. The thing I'm worried about a top everything else. Andrea's the blowing drifting because we've got a pretty good coverage. No we had four to seven inches across the lesson. She goes down. But that's that's not gonna. Take to the air while you get thirty five to forty mile per hour wind gusts so you're north north south thoroughfares tomorrow, particularly in the open country areas could feature some areas of blowing and drifting snow on top of the bitter cold. Do not want to run off a road in that sort of a situation. Absolutely. So absolutely so bundle up. Get a nice guy behind Tom skilling on your television and look for the the warmer Pacific and then golfie or the comes in over the weekend. And by the way next week. We we we're going to cool off again, but it's a more moderate branded cold to give you an example of Wednesday will probably average about forty three degrees below normal high and low average together the week from Wednesday wanna ever Johnny two degrees below normal. So there's going to be nearly a forty degree temperature swing and just weeks time Wednesday to Wednesday. What a crazy shift its makes life interesting. If you can somehow stay warm thrown and preferably not go out and that. It's not an option. Everybody has you know. It's usually it's true. Just be safe as we all. That's right. Absolutely, tom. You are the best stay warm and to Andrea good to talk to.

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